MoCCA Festival announces dates, move

A letter that went out to prepaid exhibitors for the 2009 MoCCA show — one of the nation’s biggest and most important literary comics shows of the year — reveals that the dates for next year will be June 6-7, and, in a move long suspected but unverified, the show will have a new venue, […]

A very HELLBLAZER Christmas

Celebrate the season with John Constantine, as his book reaches issue #250 — the first ever Vertigo title to do so. All-star contributors include: Dave Gibbons China Miéville Peter Milligan Brian Azzarello Jamie Delano Sean Phillips Giuseppe Camuncoli Eddie Campbell Rafael Grampá David Lloyd Hitting shelves 12/17.

Pull Quotes: Current affairs

Both Dan DiDio and Joe Quesada answered readers’ questions this week, at Newsarama and Myspace, respectively. A key difference between DC and Marvel emerged: “I don’t want to timestamp something, say, having an issue of Superman where we show the Phillies wining the World Series.” –Dan Didio, at Newsarama “Obama will be no different than […]

Nerd moles moving on hurting comics?

We received a note the other day about Time’s Top Ten of Everything being far from everything, since it doesn’t include Graphic Novels. It does have a (rather unimaginative, we think) Top 10 Editorial Cartoons, and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book made the Top Ten Books. It’s a little sad, considering that last year, Comics […]


A new comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is always a pretty thing; in this case, it’s INCOGNITO #1, a new Icon book due in January about a bored supervillain in the witness protection program. Nine pages of art were previewed many places yesterday. We’ll stick with running all three covers to the miniseries.

Comic Book Legends book due in April

We saw an oblique reference to this in an interview with Joe Quesada, and uncovered the fact that Brian Cronin’s Comic Book Urban Legends stories are being collected in April in a tome called Was Superman a Spy?: And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed. Plume is the publisher. Congrats to Brian to going from the […]

WE3 Movie news: Stevenson on board?

Somehow we forgot to mention the biggest comics-to-movies news of the week: That a director has been found for the proposed WE3 movie. The brilliant Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely miniseries is best described as “Homeward Bound meets the Terminator” as three cybernetically enhanced cute little animals go on a harrowing journey to freedom and peace. The […]

Land o’ Links

§ BOOM! Studios editor-in-chief and comics writing sifu Mark Waid is now blogging at Kung Fu Monkey, along with proprietor John Rogers, and Michael Alan Nelson. In one of his first outings, Waid explains the very basics of comics writing, and we can tell you from experience, it is info that many tyros are NOT […]