Pull Quotes: The real deal

Bill Willingham speaks to Newsarama about his Vertigo series FABLES being developed as a TV show for ABC: “I’m cautiously optimistic, I would say. The one thing I will caution everyone is that the Fables comic book will always be the official Fables story. Part of me sees this as a grand thing, and part […]

Tribune bankruptcy causes more woe in the media mix

As widely reported, The Tribune Company, owner of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times and much more, filed for bankruptcy yesterday: Facing what Chairman Sam Zell called a “perfect storm” of forces roiling the media industry and the broader economy, Chicago-based Tribune Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from its creditors […]

The Simpsons are people in Australia

In a controversial decision, an Australian judge has ruled that a man with a pornographic drawing of the Simpsons on his computer is guilty of possessing child pornography, fined him $3000, and given him two years of something similar to probation. The main issue of the case was whether a fictional cartoon character could “depict” […]

To Do: BOOM! Holiday Party Dec. 17

Chip Mosher of BOOM! Studios informs us that Left Coasters will be able to celebrate with comrades before the darkness comes, and gaze upon a nice Chuck BB flyer, as well. It’s time once again for the BOOM! Studios Holiday Party at Meltdown! Everyone’s invited to our holiday party taking place this next Wednesday December […]

Details on You’ll All Be Sorry! collection

About Comics’s Nat Gertler reports that the collection of You’ll All Be Sorry!, Gail Simone’s epochal humor column from the Golden Age of the Internet, has been delayed…but it will contain much NEW and BONUS material, including 50 all-new Condensed Comics Classics: You’ll All Be Sorry!, the collection of Gail Simone’s humor columns, is indeed […]

I guess this was a long time ago

This would, I guess, be the latest in an irregular series of posts called “Discovering amazing quotes while reading old magazines.” I was digging through some boxes of books looking for reference material and I found the July 1987 issue of The Comics Journal (#116, if you want to pick up a back issue, although […]

More “Best of” lists

New York Magazine rounds up The Top Ten Graphic Novels for its 2008 Culture Awards, led by DISAPPEARANCE DIARY by Hideo Azuma. Meanwhile, Dustin Harbin presents his own delightful Top Ten, led by GUS AND HIS GANG, by Chris Blain.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/09

§ Sweet. Designer/publisher Francoise Mouly recalls how she met future husband Art Spiegelman: One year, I unexpectedly got a call from one of my acquaintances, the cartoonist Art Spiegelman, who had himself recently moved back to New York. He asked me if I had any plans for Thanksgiving, and I asked in return, “What is […]

Bettie Page ailing

As you’ve probably heard by now, famed fetish model Bettie Page is in a coma after suffering a heart attack. Page, 85, gained fame in the ’50s as one of the most popular models in the girlie mag world, but dropped out of sight in the ’60s, becoming a figure of mystery until artists —most […]

Inaki Miranda and TRIBES

Soulcraft Comics is a small comics publisher that has several properties coming out in the next year or so. (Full disclosure: Future Mr. Beat is working on one of them.) They’ve been serializing their first title, TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS, with art by Inaki Miranda, on the website prior to publication next year. Miranda is […]