Marvel Comics subscription and newsstand sales

Since we’re talking numbers, Todd Allen gets a look at Marvel sub and newsstand figures via Marvel’s circulation audit. The #1 subscription title is the kid-friendly MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN with 31,479. #1 at the newsstand is CIVIL WAR CHRONICLES with 7,824. Interestingly enough, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man didn’t even register 1,000 copies sold on the newsstand. […]

NYTimes seeks comics quotes

The Times Freakonomics blog puts out a call for comics quotes, and you can still go over and join in the search: I would welcome suggestions of what are the most famous quotations of all time from comic books or graphic novels. These could be not only one-time quotations, but also recurring catchphrases. Many examples […]

Making money making comics

Some links floating around about the economics of making comics, and it’s all razor-thin. Two via Simon Jones : Here’s a breakdown of the costs of producing a doujinshi (a fan-made manga, some of which sell thousands of copies.) The calculations start with two doujinshi, selling price 500 yen, total 10,000 copies = 5,000,000 yen. […]


Opening this weekend is that other comic book-themed movie, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. The movie stars Ray Stevenson as violent, vengeful Frank Castle. We hear it’s very, very violent and vengeful, in a kidney-ripping, kidney-chomping, chair leg-through-the-eyeball kinda way. Fun, fun. Somehow we managed to miss a screening, so here’s Tom McLean’s review at Bags and […]

Hurricane Helms back in the ring

The Beat wanted to send a shout out to longtime Beat pal Gregory Shane “Hurricane” Helms who returns to action in the WWE ring tonight on Smackdown for the first time since breaking his neck in May, 2007. Hurricane (now returning to his former ring name) has had a tough year or so, and it’s […]