Pull Quotes: Integral to the human experience

“One of the writers I heard the other day said he didn’t think there was any such thing as artistic genius, which is exactly how I feel. And I do feel that art is as integral to human experience as our autonomic nervous system. I think I said, it’s like saying somebody has a talent […]

New NBM blog races to top of RSS feed!

NBM, which has successfully been in the business of publishing full-length graphic novels for longer than most of the people now reading them, has finally launched the NBM Blog, and it’s pretty nice because it has Ted Rall, Naomi Nowak, Jesse Lonergan, Neil Kleid, and Dirk Schwieger all posting pages from their new projects, which […]

Batman RIP reax are the new black

It just won’t stop. § First, for all your informational needs, IGN has a lengthy interview with editor Mike Marts, who comes off as quite smart and professional and all the other things an editor should be. And the IGN folks ask him all the questions you want answered: IGN Comics: Seeing as you had […]

SLG’s Boutiki opens this Friday

SLG (that’s Slave Labor Graphics) is jumping on the publisher-goes-retail bandwagon (D&Q, FBI, PictureBox) and opening a store in beautiful downtown San Jose. The grand opening is Friday and it’s part of South First Fridays in San Jose, a big block party-type thingy, we guess. You know about the Boutiki Grand Opening, right? We’re scrambling […]

PictureBox sales continue

PictureBox is having another store sale! Massive Visual Book and Magazine Sale That’s right, there’s still more stuff to sell! More! I know plenty of you New Yorkers who have not been yet (Tim, you’re excused). Come visit me in the store! Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 6 and 7, 12 pm – 6 pm. Huge […]

Interview roundup

§ Vice Magazine interviews those COMICS COMICS rascals, Tim Hodler and Frank Santoro: Oh, OK then. What happened to turn comix around again? Or has it? Is this notion of a “revolution” stale, or just impossible?Frank: I think it has just become another “acceptable” form of expression. Personally, I’m against comics gaining respectability. That’s always […]

All the links you’ve dreamed of

§ Steven Grant found the year 2008 in comics “dreary”: I won’t bother repeating my “best of 2008” list – you’ll have to check the Journal in a couple months for that – except to say it was two items long, and both were reprints. Worst of list? Why waste the time? There are two […]

David Lloyd exhibit opens

London’s New End Gallery has an exhibit of David Lloyd’s art opening today, and Lloyd writes: It’ll be the first time a exhibition of mine will be entirely devoid of V For Vendetta artwork, mainly for the reason that most all of it is crated and waiting for another venue to hire it out from […]

Attention: Social networkers!

Sign up for my Beat Facebook Fan Page. Unfortunately, due to the huge number of friend requests I get from people I don’t actually know, I can’t friend everybody…but you can friend my Page, and I will totally send out exclusive Beat reminders and foofaw. Because Facebook is cool and a new way to communicate, […]