Christmas Covers, Vol. 3

Jon’s Random Acts of Geekery is also counting down Christmas covers each day. Here’s a Frosty one!

THE SPIRIT premieres in Madrid

Last night, there was apparently a premiere of THE SPIRIT at a “benefit cocktail” in Madrid. We’re not sure what a “benefit cocktail” is, but many cocktails have great benefits, so we guess it makes sense. While we’re waiting for the reviews, here’s a photo of actresses Sandra Ibarra, Paz Vega, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva […]

Tonight! Kramers Ergot Tour hits Atomic Books

Tonight! Wednesday, December 3 7 pm. Atomic Books. Hampden, Baltimore. 3620 Falls Road Sammy Harkham, Kevin Huizenga, John Pham, and Ron Regé, Jr. will be at Atomic Books to sign the epic, epochal KRAMERS ERGOT #7.

Another print mag ends run: Write Now!

Via PR, another print magazine about comics is going to the great newsstand in the sky, as Write Now!, edited by Danny Fingeroth and published by TwoMorrows, will end with its 20th issue. “Write Now! has had an amazing run, and I’m incredibly proud of what editor Danny Fingeroth has accomplished with it,” offered TwoMorrows’ […]

Mutts joins in White House pooch search

Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts comic strip characters will be seen taking on the White House puppy hunt all next week, according to a press release. It’s an unusually topical subject for the wonderfully whimsical strip, but McDonnell is a longtime animal welfare advocate, winning three Genesis Awards from The Humane Society of the United States. Twice […]

Old photos updates

Our post on this photo of a comics shop in 1965 has drawn a few responses. Mark Evanier has a detailed memory of the shop in question, Cherokee Books, for anyone interested in the early days of the comics subculture. A visit to the store was an adventure. I don’t believe Burt Blum was actually […]


How about a little Hal Foster Tarzan to brighten up your day? Via Golden Age Comic Book Stories.

P.J. Bickett leaves Devil’s Due

More turmoil at Devil’s Due, ICv2 reports: P.J. Bickett has left his position as the CEO of Devil’s Due Publishing effective December 1st. DDP President Josh Blaylock will take over Bickett’s duties on an interim basis. Blaylock has recently left Kunoichi Inc., the creative services firm launched in 2005, to focus completely on DDP. Hm, […]

JLA film: one headache after another; Johns campaigns for gig; so does Lexi

§ Just when everyone was breathing a sigh of relief and declaring the JLA movie dormant, it has risen zombie-like from the grave, causing chills and night sweats. You see, maybe George Miller IS making the movie after all, despite reports everywhere that he had dismissed the idea on a morning chat show. UPDATE: A […]

Links a’ plenty

§ J. Caleb Mozzocco uncovers the little-known fact that Brian Bendis was once a cartoonist too! And not a bad one, either. § The mildly opinionated comics retailer Chris Butcher has jsut started blogging for, and in his first post, he rounds up L’Affaire de Blue Beetle: The axiom that every comic is someone’s […]

American version of AKIRA?

Please enjoy this brief satirical cartoon by BRIT Harry Partridge, showing what AKIRA, Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic cyberpunk vision of a future Tokyo, would be like had it been made in America. Of course, a live-action AKIRA is supposedly underway, with Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe, playing Kaneda. Maybe it won’t be as funny as this. [Via Cartoon […]