SLJ ‘s Best Adult Books for High School Students

School LIbrary Journal has released a list of adult books recommended for younger readers: It was a banner literary year and so SLJ’s Adult Books for High School Students Committee decided on 30 titles, published between September 2007 and November 2008 (with reviews published in 2008), to recognize as the best for high school readers. […]

Comic Foundry ends — UPDATE

On the official Comic Foundry blog this morning, publisher and founder Tim Leong announces the fifth issue of the comics magazine will be the last one. When we launched Comic Foundry Magazine it was a breath of fresh air to the industry and introduced a variety of coverage in types of stories never seen before […]

Pull Quotes: Remaking the Prez

“We have a President-Elect who’s a Spider-Man fan! It’s like I’ve been saying for years, people who grew up reading comics are moving into positions of power in media, in business, and now in the Executive Branch of the federal government. Is that cool or what? I don’t know about you, but I’m very happy […]

Can Chinese comics sell in France?

ComiPress translates a long Chinese brief on The Future of China’s Comics Market in France. As if that topic weren’t interesting enough on its own, the article gives many facts and figures on the French BD industry: Ever since comic books first appeared in France back in the thirties, the market for them has never […]

Comic book layoffs: Devils Due, Tokyopop

While the comics industry has thus ar been immune from the massive layoffs hitting the media sector, that could be changins. CBR reports that three staffers have been laid off at Devils Due: CBR News has confirmed that Devil’s Due Publishing, the home of Tim Seeley’s “Hack/Slash” and Milo Ventimiglia’s “Rest,” among other titles, laid […]

Celebrity comics watch: Art Brut

News that this or that “famous person” reads comics isn’t exactly a headline-maker (unless you’re running for president, of course). With all the success of comics-based media in the last few years, it’s more newsworthy when some actress or sports figure proclaims they DON’T like comics. However, there are still a few nerdlebrities whose involvement […]

Studio coffee run

• More pictures of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! That’s great, because we were starting to get bored. • Oh boy, a new Planet of the Apes film! This one will be based on #4 — CONQUEST, in which we see just how those damned monkeys took over. • Remember what we were saying about nerdlebrities […]