Links to kill time until the office closes early

§ Rich Johnston’s annual Rumour Awards warps [sic] up the year’s embarrassments, including some of The Beat‘s. § A CBR roundtable wraps up “The Never-Ending Secret Crisis.” § Matt Brady reports that Popeye is about to go into the public domain in the EU: In terms Newsarama readers will be familiar with, in Europe, starting […]

Movin’ on. Movin’ up

Yep it’s the end of the trail for 2008, a year which had some high points (Nov 4) but which an overwhelming number of our friends can’t wait to end. To which we can only say: Everything looks better when seen through the lens of a J.C. Leyendecker baby in a Russian Constructivist pose. As […]

Peggy Burns on Double-X in comics

I’ve had a lot of private correspondence over my recent post on my dearth of women creators and decision-making execs, many from folks who work for indies who pointed out the number of women working in those fields. Which is true. I was commenting more on mainstream, i.e. Marvel and DC Comics, where the number […]

WATCHMEN: this is getting uglier

Many late night holiday-themed movements in the WATCHMEN case, and they are enough to make a movie fan’s nerves as frayed as the collar on a pitbull. It seems that, yes, Fox is going to try to stop the movie’s release: An attorney for 20th Century Fox says the studio will continue to seek an […]

Sikoryak’s Dark Arch

There are never enough new comics by R. Sikoryak, author of pluperfect pastiche/homage comics like “Good Ol’ Gregor Brown” and “Little Pearl” which make us appreciate classics of literature AND comics all the more when they are mashed together, chocolate and peanut butter style. Happily, Sikoryak’s “Masterpiece Comics” are going to be collected in 2009 […]

Lionsgate’s SPIRIT gamble fails

The reviews are in — 15 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a mere 6 percent among Top Critics — and the box office is in: 9. The Spirit (Lionsgate)$2.1M Saturday… $6.5M 3-day weekend… $10.4M 4-day holidayNot every comic book can become a hit movie. Movie analysts didn’t expect much life from this adaptation of Will Eisner’s […]

Who injuncts the WATCHMEN?

NOTE: Several people have pointed out that “injunct” is not the correct legal term — “enjoins” is more accurate. However “injuncts” contains the comedy sound “K” and I will continue to use it, suckas. As you may be aware, LA Judge Gary Allen Feess delivered a special Christmas Eve gift to Fox by abruptly announcing […]

Slow news day links

§ After last night’s press deadline, The Comics Reporter posted another holiday interview, this time with writer Kurt Busiek, in a thughtful talk that explores many aspects of his work. However, the pull quote we’ll use covers the matter of the day: I’m worried about the economy in general terms, but I don’t really know […]