Even Spurge has event fatigue

Via The Comics Reporter: Where I now see the primary weakness of Final Crisis is that the DC universe itself isn’t vital enough or interesting enough or dependable enough as a starting point or filled with enough creative energy for me to give a crap as it all slips away. It’s hard to take seriously […]

Studio coffee run: WATCHMEN/Fox

John Horn presents a compelling, clearly delineated narrative on the history of the WATCHMEN movie , why Fox is suing Warners, and what it all means. In Warners’ view, Fox repeatedly declined to exercise any purported rights to become involved in the film during its various incarnations over the years, and in an e-mail even […]

Cable woes again

Sorry, kids, the cable went out again. Last time we complained we got a free month of HBO. The moral is to keep complaining. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone] …..aaaaaand just like that, it comes back up.

Spielberg/Smith OLDBOY based on manga

A few details are emerging about the troubling news that Steven Spielberg and Will Smith want to remake OLDBOY, the disturbing film about a man who is locked in a room for years and then released to take vengeance. Spielberg is producing, and Smith is starring. First, I AM LEGEND co-writer Mark Protosevich is on […]

Once, children WANTED to be astronauts

Alarming headline: Astronauts tinker with urine-to-water machine Even more alarming lede: Astronauts tinkered Sunday with a troublesome piece of equipment designed to help convert urine and sweat into drinkable water, which is vital to allowing the international space station crew to double to six.

To Do: November 24 – November 30

Behold this week’s cornucopia of comics events! This week is slightly lighter than usual, but that just gives us all more time to be thankful for this year’s great comics. There’s still plenty to do and see, including appearances by James Jean, Bruce Campbell and Gerard Way, and much much more … Tuesday, November 25 […]