A night of European comics

(l-r, front row Igort, Isabel Kreitz, Max, Nicolas de Crécy; standing, Jaromir 99 and Jaroslav Rudiš) Euro comics week in NYC continued with an evening of slideshows and presentations by David B., Nicolas de Crécy, Igort, Jaromír 99, Isabel Kreitz, Max, and Jaroslav Rudiš, some of the finest cartoonists in the world, so it was […]

More on Broccoli

ICv2 talks more about the end of the US branch of manga publisher Broccoli: In 2007 Broccoli launched Boysenberry Books, a shonen ai imprint that was an attempt to get a share of what at that time was a growing market for yaoi manga. According to interviews with retailers for the next ICv2 Anime/Manga Guide […]

WEHT: Bill Messner-Loebs?

A few years ago, cartoonist/writer William Messner Loebs (Journey) and his wife Nadine were destitute, and the comics industry rallied around them. Michigan Live has a nice story about how Loebs has turned things around: In August 2005, Messner-Loebs wrote a fill-in story for DC’s “Green Arrow” – his first published work in five years. […]

Fantagraphics 2nd Anniversary bash

Fantagraphics is having a big party on 12/13, and we’re gutted that we can’t go. Over the course of two years, Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery has become woven into the region’s cultural fabric and drawn attention to an impressive array of local, national and international narrative cartoonists, illustrators, graphic designers, and fine artists while providing […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki is embarrassed by his otaku PM,, Taro Aso, who is always complaining about how he is too busy running the country to read Iron Wok Jan any more. “It’s so embarrassing,” Miyazaki said at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, in answer to a question about Aso’s publicly asserting his […]