Pull quotes: Where the money comes from

“These days, comics need to carry more weight, to make a stronger emotional connection with the reader. You can’t put a fluffy show like “Magnum, P.I.” on TV now, because people expect material with deeper content, like “House.” They don’t watch the show and forget it. They buy the DVD.” “They want to cherish the […]

Miller: October comics sales set record

John Jackson Miller’s October 2008 sales estimates are up, but what’s really notable, he writes, is that October was a huge month for dollars. The October 2008 comics sales estimates are online at The Comics Chronicles, and it turned out to be a record-setting month in a number of categories. The Top 300 Comics Dollar […]

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Floppies”

John Rogers, screenwriter, blogger, and author of a fan favorite run on BLUE BEETLE, usually speaks his mind. His comments regarding the recent cancellation of the book have been quoted everywhere; we don’t want to miss out on the fun: Wow. It’s almost as if basing your entire business model around a series of must-buy […]

RIP: Broccoli USA?

Gia Manry reports that Broccoli USA, the US arm of Japanese publisher Broccoli, is shutting down: I got an anonymous tip that led me over to Broccoli’s website and eventually to this press release (Japanese PDF), which declares that Broccoli International USA is shutting down and cites the extensive competition in the manga and character […]

Health updates: Hoffmans, Wilson

§ Blog @ updates the status of Carla and Lance Hoffman and benefit efforts shaping up for the badly burned and homeless couple: They are both still unconscious, in critical but stable condition, but doctors have said Lance’s lungs and eyes were not damaged, which was something they were worried about. • More information: If […]

More comics history

More photos from the recently uploaded LIFE magazine photo archives: Yale Joel’s series from “The Comic Book Hearings.” Oh yeah, search “comic book,” and you also get this one, from 1958: Whenever you see old (pre-Silver Age) photos of comics readers, half of them are girls. Crazy, eh? What were they putting in the water?

Dave Stevens book about ready to ship

Arnold Fenner writes to tell us that Spectrum Fantastic Art has posted several audio excerpts from interviews with the late Dave Stevens as well as a slideshow of advance pages from Brush with Passion: The Art & Life of Dave Stevens, which should be out early next month. We’ll be getting a copy.

Keith Knight in Tucson

Controversial cartoonist Keith Knight visited the University of Arizona and talked about his recent, controversial cartoon which contained “the ‘n’ word”, in a story that seems to be confronting many issues which are not being named directly: “What makes this strip effective is the truth behind it,” says Knight. The comic strip that brought him […]

Wolverine named Sexiest Man Alive 2008

What took you so long, People? Related: Former Fox veep and WOLVERINE production exec Jeff Katz left his post to start some new business, which he’s been been dropping hints about here and there on a apostolic mission across the globe. Meanwhile, the other night, at Comic Book Club, he was extolling the possibilities of […]