European Comics week in New York

Honest, who cares about smelly comics shows when you have events like the Graphic Novels from Europe event taking place this week? Seven of the world’s greatest graphic novelists, David B., Nicolas de Crécy, Igort, Jaromír 99, Isabel Kreitz, Max, and Jaroslav Rudiš will be appearing at a variety of events this week, and an […]

The education of DJ Coffman enters grad school

Does the fun ever stop at Platinum Studios? Even as they announced two more additions to their advisory board, Dean Stackel and Rob Kenneally, their stock price has fallen to a a nickel, executives have taken pay cuts, and their next financial report has been delayed. One big bright spot was the announcement that Platinum’s […]

Carla and Lance Hoffman badly injured in fire

Blog@Newsarama has a sad story about Carla Hoffman, part-time blogger and employee at Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, and her husband, Lance. The two suffered second- and third-degree burns over much of their bodies as they fled a freak flash fire. As revealed in an update, their home and belongings have also been completely destroyed. […]

Art from MAD Magazine goes for $750K

If there’s one item that can be said to be recession proof, it’s apparently original artwork from the glory years of MAD Magazine. Heritage Auction Gallerie’s auction of the last batch of MAD original art sold for $746,516, more than double pre-sale estimates. The above 1956 cover to Mad #30, by Norman Mingo, went for […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/17

§ Geoff Boucher sits down with Dan DiDio for a concise talk on all the ch-changes with Batman and Superman, and the above upcoming Batman cover, which hints at a memorial for someone of some kind. DD: Simultaneous to “Battle for the Cowl,” we’re going to be making changes in Superman’s world as well. Superman […]

When weekends attack!

Thanks to everyone for the many birthday wishes, and to everyone who came out to our birthday bash this weekend. It was a well-attended soirée that gave all kinds of folks a chance to mingle and catch up, and it seems that a good time was had by all. And best of all, there is […]

TO DO: November 17 – November 23

Once again, plenty to do and see this week. Europe’s best graphic novelists invade NYC as part of the New Literature from Europe festival, Chip Kidd and Alison Bechdel both continue their tours, Atlanta’s Super Con brings cosplay to the Big Peach, and MORE MORE MORE. Read on for the week’s events, and as always […]