Tonight! Deitch at MoCCA

This is your last chance to see the most excellent Kim Deitch exhibit at MoCCA and hear the man speak in what should be a fascinating event: The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) is pleased to announce a very special evening with legendary underground cartoonist and graphic novelist Kim Deitch in association with […]

Dan DiDio answers more questions

Over at Newsarama, Dan DiDio is taking part in a hot stove league classic, answering fan questions on a bi-weekly basis. There’s much to ponder and absorb, including the pull quote: I just don’t want to fill buckets. I want to make books that people want to read. and this kind of thing: 20: Finally […]

Long running DC TV show canceled

Defamer reports that MADtv has been cancelled after its 14th season.: Though the high-profile political season has gifted Saturday Night Live with some killer ratings, it apparently hasn’t floated all sketch comedy boats. Rumors started circulating today that Fox’s MADtv was canceled in the middle of its fourteenth season, so Defamer checked in with one […]

“Please Destroy Every Copy of Mome Vol. 12”

We suspect this could be a routine inspired by Andy Kaufman, but an argument between colorist Jon Adams and cartoonist Al Columbia over a missing color on a cat’s leg escalates into a call for a recall and emotional dramatizations: I don’t care about Hawaii, and I don’t care about any boats! (That is a […]

He’s a doodler!

The nerd percentage of President-elect Barack Obama continues to fire the imaginations of comics enthusiasts everywhere, even though, as pointed out in the Beat comment section by junior reporter Darren Hudak, Obama is far from the first comics-loving president. Reagan’s favorate comic strip was Spider-Man, believe it or not, he said in more then one […]

Quantum of Bondness

When I first saw this poster for the new 007 film, my thought was, “THIS is a James Bond movie?” The image — a handsome couple in tattered formal wear marching stoically as they escape a conflagration in the background — looks more like a Robert Rodriguez indie film. Though quite intriguing, it doesn’t scream […]

More technical problems

If you’re reading this with your morning coffee, it’s because our Internet has been off all night. Thanks, Time-Warner Cable! Posted via iPhone [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]