Powerhouse Pepper

Oy…Big f’ed up mess on The Beat server today. Much missing in action. To make up for it, here’s some Powerhouse Pepper by Basil Wolverton. Back tomorrow full strength, straight outta Compton.

Second volume of SALT WATER TAFFY is out this week

Matthew Loux’s well-received kids comic, SALT WATER TAFFY, is back this week with a second volume: Following closely on the success of the first volume of his new graphic adventure series, Matthew Loux brings us the second installment with SALT WATER TAFFY VOL. 2: A CLIMB UP MT. BARNABAS. In stores this week and with […]

New character posters for WATCHMEN

Six big, brash and bold posters for each Watchman were released at six different websites today. IMP Awards rounds ’em up and we steal a few. We like how Silk Spectre has almost, but not quite, mastered the “ass and tits facing the same way” pose so beloved of comic book covers. Ironic!

Michelle Obama gets comic book, too!

In their most lucid press release yet, Bluewater announced that First Lady-elect Michelle Obama would be joining Sen. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Sarah Palin as the subject of her very own biographical comic book! The life of America’s future first lady, Michelle Obama, will be the subject of the latest chapter of Bluewater Productions’ ongoing […]

New York Comic-Con announces guests; pro reg closing SATURDAY

Via PR, new Featured Guests include Colleen Doran, Bob Layton, David Petersen, Ivan Reis, Joe Sinnott, Herb Trimpe, and Leinil Yu. They join Eddy Barrows, Mark Brooks, Bob Budiansky, Cliff Chiang, Abby Denson, Tom DeFalco, Tommy Lee Edwards, Michael Golden, Sanford Greene, Larry Hama, JayJay Jackson, Kris Justice, Jay Leisten, John Paul Leon, David Mack, […]