The Graysons shot down

Yet more turmoil within Warners superhero division is revealed in this story about a potential TV show called The Graysons, about the early life of the boy who would become Robin, getting smothered in its cradle: According to studio insiders, Robinov has decreed that Warner Bros. “rethink its DC Comics strategy” and as a result […]

Eisner judges named

Retailer Amanda Emmert (née Fisher), librarian Mike Pawuk, Diamond Books sales manager John Shableski, cartoonist/educator Ben Towle, and editor/critic Andrew Wheeler comprise this year’s Eisner blue-ribbon panel. They will meet in mid-March, so make sure you send in your Eisner-related books soon! More in the jump.

Lunching with the stars

We’re still not quite sure HOW we found ourselves sitting yesterday on a dais eating spinach with Ed Harris, Amy Adams, and Marcia Gay Harden. The event was the annual awards luncheon for the Motion Picture Club, a 69-year-old organization for people in the movie business. Although founded as a social club for folks in […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Tim O’Shea’s excellent interview site, “Talking with Tim,” continues with Frank Santoro: O’Shea: As a storyteller yourself, do you fear that the potential audience for your work might be alienated (wrongly, I must admit) because they don’t agree with your opinion as a critic? Santoro: I think most cartoonists are afraid of stating their […]

Heaven found? Superheroes and CHOCOLATE?

Abby Denson reports from a fashion show that kicked off the Chocolate Show, a convention for the chocolate trade. Mmmmmmmm. The theme was superheroes, and the fashions were made from confections. For instance, Wonder Woman’s hair was made from black cotton candy! This chocolate Astro Boy wouldn’t last long around us, that’s for sure. Many […]

Wizard World Texas kicks off today

Now merged with the Texas Fear Fest, Wizard World Texas kicks off today, with Guest of Honor John Cassaday, Terry Moore, Corey Feldman, Brian Azzarello and so on. The show floor is a sellout, and the usual hijinks are to be expected. Ben Templesmith posted the signings at the Splash Page Comic Art, for your […]

Has Gordon Ramsay gone soft in the US?

Last night, we managed to catch two episodes of the US version of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, which is titled just Kitchen Nightmares. The star’s removal from the name wasn’t the only change. Instead of the UK original’s set-up, in which we experienced bland sauces and crematorial grilling through the eyes of master chef Ramsay, complete […]