Tonight: Graphic Novelists at KGB Bar

If you’re like The Beat, the past three and a half days have been a foggy, confusing landscape of too much food, crowded sidewalks, and way too much Christmas music. Come shake out the cobwebs at KGB with Tom Hart’s annual comics reading: Sunday after Thanksgiving! Annual post-Thanksgiving KGB COMIX READING This year, Nov 30, […]

Shopping guides

Two buying guides for the weekend and holidays: • The Comics Reporter • CBR News: CBR Holiday Gift Guide: Books Us? We’re giving the gift of LAUGHTER this year!


Google seems to have changed some of their search results, and — brutal honesty time here, folks — we discovered it via a little ego surfing. But it was worthwhile because we turned up this photo set by one Atomic99 which contains tons of photos from San Diegos going back to 1989, mostly costumes but […]

Ch-changes at Blog@

We heard some rumblings in the vicinity of Blog@ Newsarama of late, and now it’s all busted loose, as the original lineup of bloggers, including JK Parkin, Kevin Melrose, Tim O’Shea, Carla Hoffman, Melissa Krause, Jeff Trexler, Matt Maxwell, and Jennifer de Guzman, are leaving at the end of the month: It’s kind of bittersweet, […]

UK kids are crazy for comics

§ A raft of stories from the UK about how — get this — children love comics, in the wake of a study with hard numbers behind the surge. Sales are booming and growth is foreseen, says The Scotsman in a story called “Comic effect works its magic on children”: Research by consumer analysts Mintel […]

Consider buying some stuff from Rich Faber

Rich Faber is a good guy — he and John Gallagher put together the MORE FUND books for CBLDF, and Drawing Strength, the Hurricane Katrina benefit book. I received a letter from him yesterday with the news that his wife Traci is battling Stage 4 metastatic melanoma. On his blog, he goes into the details […]