APE debuts

Hey cartoonists and goth kids: send us your debut books for this week’s APE! We won’t be there but plenty of people will, including Jessica Abel, Paige Braddock, Megan Kelso, Matt Madden, and (ulp!) Chris Ware! Make sure you put “APE DEBUT” in the email title and include either a nice clear jpg or a […]

New York Times snubbing graphic novels?

You’d think with the WATCHMEN graphic novel selling 10K+ copies a week on and off since July that it would have cracked a major print bestseller list (NYT, PW) by now, wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong. For various reasons, WATCHMEN has been shut out, and in fact, graphic novels are not even counted […]

Charts and graphs for September

Two of the sales charts analyses came out last week; at Newsarama, John Jackson Miller does his thing, charting Marvel’s big month. However here’s something we noted — the ten year comparison chart, from the near-depths of the last comics sales depression: Sept. 2008 final orders versus Sept. 1998 preorders (est.) Top 300 units: -9% […]

Why so serious for Halloween?

If you think you are going to be so clever and dress up like the Joker for Halloween, please remember– there are a lot of clever people. It’s a hit in Boston: Terry Andersen was about to place his Halloween costume order at a supplier trade show in Las Vegas last January when a sales […]

Graphic novel status update

This article from the Philadelphia Inquirer is a typical summing up of the state of the Graphic Novel and its place c. late 2008, viewed through the recent past: “There’s a lot of stuff going on with comics that’s really exciting,” says Abel, who is the Best New American Comic series editor along with her […]

Important people who read comics

§ Manga-loving Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso — who is actually not all that popular, and whose championing of manga and other youth culture stuff is an attempt to curry favor with voting youths — now finds little time to read comics because he’s so darned busy running the country: “It’s hard to read comic […]

Secrets of the Hulk

We hadn’t been paying that much attention to the recent HULK DVD release, aside from the barely-there Captain America cameo. However, this Film Threat article by Scott Mendelson reminded us of all that talk of the squabbles between Edward Norton and the studio over direction and such. What was that all about? Well, it seems […]