Sixteen Days of Halloween: Andy B’s RAISING HELL

Andy B sends along an image from his web comic RAISING HELL, which he describes as  “I Love Lucy meets George Romero. I’m starting season two on Halloween night and that will go for another year and a half. Season one has about 66 strips and is a plot-driven story as opposed to a gag strip.” […]

Two links for the day

§ Steven Grant looks at the 20 most important comics ever published, chronologically: 1) FAMOUS FUNNIES #1 (Eastern Color, 1934) Max Gaines’ brainchild, the one that started it all, collecting reprints of popular comic strips in magazine form, monthly edition. (A one-shot collection, apparently to test the waters, had been issued the previous year.) It […]

STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY to debut at Blog@Newsarama

Blogs getting webcomics? That’s crazy talk! But it seems that THE THIRSTY, the sequel to the horror Western STRANGEWAYS will be serialized at the Newsarama blog. PR below; Matthew Maxwell, creator and author of the Western-horror graphic novel STRANGEWAYS, today announced the serialization of the sequel, THE THIRSTY, at Blog @ Newsarama. The series will debut […]

iPhone BONE

You can now download the first issue of BONE for your iPhone via uClick. Just 99¢. Now we have both the first issue of WATCHMEN (via motion comics) and BONE on our phones. BTW, we’ve always loved that first panel of BONE #1 — such an iconic beginning. Technorati Tags: Jeff Smith


We’ll be blunt. It’s a bad day here at SBM. We were banned from any further karaoke at last night’s going away party for Laura “Comic Foundry” Hudson, after an admittedly troubling choice of songs — perhaps “Cool” from WEST SIDE STORY is a good song for potential fight scenes, but not karaoke — and […]

Music break: Adult Swim’s African Swim

Adult Swim and Ubisoft are spotlighting the emerging African hip hop scene for some reason, but you can find out why by downloading a free MP3 album called African Swim. The release ties in with Ubisoft’s release of Far Cry® 2, a video game set in Afrca. The album features South African artists including Jozi, […]