RIP: Mark Buck

Dan Vado comments on the death of Mark Buck, recently killed in a motorcycle accident. Buck was Vado’s collaborator on SAMURAI PENGUIN, an entry in the ’80s “black and white boom.” Buck went on to have a successful career as a model maker for ILM, working on all three recent Star Wars movies and TRANSFORMERS. […]

Manga characters are oenophiles

The comics-loving NY Times takes it to a new level, with a story on the wild success of the as-yet untranslated manga THE DROPS OF THE GODS, which is credited with sending certain wine sales in East Asia soaring. Since coming out of nowhere four years ago, this 20-something Japanese would-be sommelier has quickly become […]

Friends of Lulu: Board nominations open to members

Via PR: The time has come again to nominate the best and brightest for the Lulu Board of Directors! We need our members to nominate dedicated people to keep up the good work, changes and new adventures for Friends of Lulu that has been the hallmark of 2008. Nominating and voting individuals to the National […]

Quick hits

§ Eddie Campbell is back with one of the secrets of comics, known only to true initiates: Due to the overwhelming thumbs up in response to my post telling you kids how to dress properly, I am now offering ‘Comicbook morality in one easy lesson.’ What you gotta do, right, is if you have a […]

Black Panther now a bombshell

Did you know that the Washington Post now has a Comic Book Blog written by Michael Cavna? Neither did we. But anyway, this blog gets its first “scoop” with news that Black Panther is going the death, rebirth, sex change route: Marvel Comics tells us that come 2009, the Black Panther will have a new […]

Charles Crumb remembered

This remembrance of outsider artist Charles Crumb, who committed suicide in 1994, and was the brother of the cartoonist, has been linked everywhere. The first saint: Charles Crumb, of Zwigoff’s great documentary. He never moved out. In the end, he barely left his room. He read; piles of books everywhere. He hadn’t read Hegel and […]

Moments in criticism

Right way: Finally, Jason and I have been concerned about insulting creators. Whether or not I like the art of Ron Lim has nothing to do with whether or not I like the man himself; how could I say whether or not I like him, since I don’t know him. When commenting on a creative […]