24 Hour Comics Day remembered

Last Saturday saw cartoonists all over the world put pencil and pen to the grindstone for this year’s 24 Hour Comics Day. Since the annual event was formally organized by Nat Gertler in 2004, each year has seen a dramatic increase in participation, with more and more people feeling crazy enough to undertake writing and […]

Jones off final FINAL CRISIS

It’s official: JG Jones won’t be drawing the final issue of FINAL CRISIS. Instead, Doug Mahnke, the third artist on the series (after Jones and Carlos Pacheco), will draw the whole thing. Jones answered an email at CBR with a typically classy response: Via an email reply, Jones told CBR News that it was his […]

Marvel tops the chart in a big way

It’s that time of the month! After a few months of sliding, ICv2 reports that comic sales were up in September — say, maybe there is something to this “recession-proof” chatter. Sales of periodical comics through Diamond Comic Distributors rose 2% in September, reversing a 7-month long string of declining comic sales. Although a 2% […]

News, notes, quotes, ideas

§ io9 looks at Superman’s habit of litigating against superheroes he thought were too much like him. There are more than you thought! Superman’s powers include super-strength, super-breath… and super-lawyers? The iconic DC Comics character has been known to go after plenty of other strongmen in court, crushing any characters with more than a passing […]

Is this town big enough for two?

It’s been pointed out that one-time Beat Nemesis but now friend and ally, Whitney Matheson, is moving to our neck of the woods: I’m moving to New York. I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm for this change, which will take place in the coming weeks. Though I’ll miss my friends and Washington, D.C., I’m eager […]

More del Toro Hobbit talk

We’re frightfully slammed today and have another project that will take all morning. So..very light posting today. However, we’ll keep our spirits up with this interview with HOBBIT director Guillermo del Toro: You know, you’re first step is casting Bilbo – that’s the cornerstone – because to me a lot is hanging in the narrative […]