No duh: Bluewater announces Sarah Palin comic

Saracuda is getting her own comic book, following in the footsteps of John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. But sadly, after getting flak for using an awkward cover pose for their Hillary comic, Bluewater has gone for a medium body shot, missing the chance to showcase the only major party nominee with legitimately great […]

Tonight: Spiegelman, Heatley

Although this event at Barnes & Noble Tribeca is billed as an Art Spiegelman event, it will actually be a joint slide show/talk between Spiegelman and David Heatley. And, filling in for an absent Calvin Reid as moderator will be The Beat! So come on down.

People are talking about…

§ Berkeley Breathed talks about the end of Opus: While fans won’t know the penguin’s fate for two weeks, Breathed did say the character won’t be killed off, but is “becoming part of the ages.” He also told fans that next week’s strip, which appears in The Press Democrat’s Sunday comics section, will feature virtually […]


Paul Pope previews a page of his long-gestating GN for First Second, BATTLING BOY: >In Batman Year 100, I had room for a couple of long fight sequences, but I felt cramped even with 200 pages. This fight scene from BATTLING BOY alone is about 50 pages. It’s liberating to have no page restrictions. I […]

Famous people who read comics

Via everywhere on earth: “Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-El, to save the planet Earth.” — Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, during humorous remarks at a charity dinner. PS: the above famed picture is old, […]

Australian cartoonist in a coma

Famed Australian cartoonist Bill Leak, an editorial cartoonist for The Australian as well as a highly regarded portraitist, is in a coma and in serious but stable condition following a fall from a first-story balcony during a parrot-feeding accident. According to another story, Leak has won eight Walkley Awards and 19 Stanley Awards from the […]

Scream Awards tap superhero zeitgeist

Spike TV’s Scream Awards, taped last night, is the biggest nerdlebrity gathering of the year this side of San Diego. The LA Times’s Geoff Boucher explains it all, in a very insightful and well written piece: The Oscars present Hollywood as it wishes to be — refined, glamorous and high-minded — but on Saturday night […]

Comic books in the news

§ Jules Feiffer’s THE EXPLAINERS gets a front-page review in the NY Times Book Review by David Kamp: Of course, representing any Feiffer strip with a quick quotation really doesn’t do it justice. His garrulous, neurotic characters yammer on and on, their logorrhea half the fun (and often taking up more than half the space). […]

Studio coffee run: Howard, Flash, etc.

NPR isn’t exactly the place you expect to find breaking superhero movie news, as appealing as the idea of listening to Scott Simon talk about who’s stronger, She-Hulk or Wonder Girl, is. But in this weekend interview with Terrence Howard, whose replacement in the role of Rhodey in IRON MAN 2 was a hot topic […]