16 Days of Halloween: Jose Ladronn

Today’s Halloween art comes from Jose Ladronn and HIP FLASK. Ladronn was born in Mexico and won a 2006 Eisner Award for his work on HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks…it’s getting spooky out there.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl by Kyle Baker

Just to make you smile.

Business news and notes: Hibbs, Mayo

§ Brian Hibbs’s new column extols the virtues of his POS system (MOBY), which he feels has enabled him to show an actual uptick in sales even during the current pre-recession. The whole column is worth reading, but the areas in which MOBY has helped the most are making special orders easier, and keeping less […]

Marvel’s digital domain grows

Well it looks like they were for real on the digital comics thing, as Marvel has announced SIX MORE ORIGINAL digital comics. Some of it is normal Marvel fare — GALACTUS by Frank Tieri and Juan Santacruz — but some of it is encouragingly diverse — Jason Aaron on American Eagle,  Halloween Monster Mash by […]

People news and notes

§ Congrats to Gerald Scarfe — cartoonist, illustrator, concept artist — for receiving the CBE from the Queen. § Eddie Campbell on Lee Bermejo’s JOKER: INFORMED CRITICISM. It looks all very overdrawn and hideous; the wine is made from the same substance as the shrimps and there’s a nauseous quality to it all which I […]

Notes on craft

§ At the FLOG blog, Jacob Covey goes on at some length to discuss his dislike of giclée (digital) prints, as opposed to old school hand printmaking: Meanwhile there is a mind-boggling craft involved in all traditional print-making that makes any hand-crafted print far more valuable than any digital print. Perhaps it sounds snobbish to […]

Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics DEADLINE is nigh!

James Sime, owner of Isotope, the comic book lounge, tells us that there are only seven days left to submit mini-comics for the 2008 Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics. “You have just one week left to draw, fold, and hand-staple your way to mini-comic glory!” Sime said. While the minis continue to pour in […]

Your political moment

Comic Industry for Obama has a big eBay auction up, including a Jaime Hernandez drawing of Maggie in an Obama T-shirt. What are you waiting for? And in this corner, John McCain as the Penguin.

Who draws the hottest guys?

We know the last thing you want to read is another Minx autopsy, but Shaenon K. Garrity just had to go there: I can think of two other key causes of Minx’s demise. First, they didn’t do a crappy vampire comic. As someone who works in the manga business, I can attest that if you […]

Studio coffee run

A new SPIRIT poster has been released. This does NOT mean you can turn the comments into another “It doesn’t look like Eisner!” fest, kids. Been there, done that, blogged it. § The SLEEPER movie, based on the Brubaker/Phillips comic of the same name, has a writer. His name is Brad Ingelsby. Other names involved: […]

Kids, don’t try this at home…or in the sewer

As astounding as it may seem, the youth of today still know who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are…and they find this cowabunga crowd so fun-filled that they feel compelled to take their admiration to new levels. Dangerous levels: Three blockheaded teenagers were busted playing in a sewer Wednesday in Queens – after getting lost […]

New superglue may help Spidey come closer to reality…or not

An incredible new Gecko-like glue is said to be the stickiest yet. Using some fancy-schmancy system of carbon nanotubes enhanced with curly strands of carbon, the new glue is 10 times stickier than a gecko’s feet. The substance’s adhesive qualities can also be measured in a unit we all understand: A 1-inch (2.5-cm) square of […]

Platinum’s new advisory board

In our endless wanderings, we came across a press release announcing that Platinum Studios has a new advisory board, comprised of folks like former studio head Mark Canton, producer Gale Anne Hurd, and other board member types. You can read the whole thing in the jump, but we’ll restrict ourselves to the most obvious points […]

Natwick and the three-fingered hand

The ASIFA blog asks one of the great ineffable questions, “Who invented the three-fingered hand?” An essay by animation legend Grim Natwick explains: Someone way back in the dark ages of animation got tired of drawing hands with four fingers and simply left one off, and cartoon hands have been much easier to animate ever […]

Close up eyes

This old A-Ha video may seem familiar…but keep watching.