Mark Waid on LA INK tonight

Improbably, this evening writer/editor Mark Waid is to appear on some kind of show about tattoos — LA Ink — on The Learning Channel (TLC). We would have thought this was a joke, as the porcelain-complected Waid is the last person we’d expect to have anything to do with tattooing, but here is the photographic […]

More STAR TREK photos

Okay, okay! It’s a slow morning…here’s a cast shot of the bridge. (Click for a bit larger pic.) WHOA! OLD SCHOOL MINISKIRTS WITH STATE OF THE ART LEDS. JJ, you may be on to something here. Plus…KARL URBAN as McCoy! It’s a good day. OTOH, here’s Eric Bana as villain Nero. ERIC BANA ERIC BANA […]

The wit and wisdom of Mike Richardson

ICV2 sits down with Dark Horse big wampum Mike Richardson for the annual gabfest. The always voluble Richardson is without question the very first publisher we ever heard volunteer to call periodicals “pamphlets” … and maybe this is why: As for other types of graphic novels, those seem to be experiencing stronger sales, and maybe […]

What they are saying

Last night, we had the chance to address an SVA class of aspiring cartoonists on “The Business of Comics”. It was a fun time, and it was interesting to see what these kids today grok (web comics) and don’t grok (Secret Crisis). These kids today should also read Steven Grant’s column on how to negotiate […]

RIP: Neal Hefti

He may have worked with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra, but jazz composer Neal Hefti will likely be best remembered for a piece of music: The Batman Theme. Hefti passed away last week at the age of 85. You can find his obit in the Washington Post here. Not only did Hefti create The Batman […]