Help perk up our Halloween!

Dear Beat Faithful, it’s almost that time again when witches and goblins cavort amidst sexy policewomen and the 456th Jason mask shows up on your doorstep and demands candy. To get into the spirit of the season, we’d like to get Beat supporters in on the act. If you’re an artist with some Halloween art […]

English food and good comics

The embers of the most recent battle over “What is good?” are cooling to ash, and our own humor-based comment found a cold reception. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why calling poor comics poor, whether they be superhero, indie, kiddie, or “mainstream,” is always taken as a personal attack. I thought that would […]

And what of MOUSE GUARD…

Chris Butcher investigates the ASP/Kunoichi/DDP situation and asks the question everyone is thinking: What about MOUSE GUARD? I guess what I’m getting at here is that it’s fascinating that the crown jewel of the ASP line hasn’t been mentioned in any of these discussions; it’s the elephant in the room with an army of tiny […]

More Wowio/Platinum stuff

Ya gotta say one thing for DJ Coffman…he’s persistent. The former Platinum Studios cheerleader has turned into an implacable foe, reporting on every up and down of the company. Now, it seems, the recently acquireed Wowio is still late on payments to creators: The money troubles and bad PR continued as their recently “acquired” […]

Digital Manga gives release schedule

Yesterday, we reported on DMP manga cancellations. Today, we report on Anime News Network’s report of revised release dates. Only one title is postponed with no new date; however, most of them are delayed until “late 2009″…which is, technically speaking, a while.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/14

§ We thought we would never, ever again link to an SPX report, but Ed Siemienkowicz‘s is the “Birth of a Nation” of SPX reports, with photos of every single joy and despair, from the high of karaoke to the miseries of no cabs coming. This is what it is like. § Noah Berlatsky reviews […]

New Vertigo website

Somehow or other, someone indicated that Vertigo has revamped its landing page. We haven’t been there in a while, so maybe this happened months ago. Anyway, it does look nice.

Yet another busy day

Sorry. BTW, when we were searching for a suitable graphic for this post on the cover browser, we found a listing for “Punishment Postcards.” Candidly, we’re hard pressed to point out what is more remarkable about this set. a) That in what looks to be the 18th century, people so enjoyed public torture of miscreants […]