Spiegelman on tour

We missed posting the first few events in this, but Art Spiegelman is on tour for “Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*!” the updated collection of his influential early comics, and Jack and the Box, his book for beginning readers. Spiegelman is always a great speaker, so you should catch him if […]

Art of the moment

Drew Friedman in The New York Observer. Hey, it’s better than the picture of Obama riding a narwhal that’s making the rounds…we think. [Via Flog]

Tonight: Italian Masters of Comic Art @ Scott Eder Gallery

Mattotti! Toppi! Manara! Gipi! These and more are on display at the opening of the Italian Masters of Comic Art at the Scott Eder Gallery in Dumbo. Click the link for a gallery of the artists in the show. Below, Lorenzo Mattotti.

Spotted! Reklaw/Alixopulos

Ask and ye shall receive, pictures from Wednesday’s event at Desert Island with Jesse Reklaw, Trevor Alixopulos, Ken Dahl and Dash Shaw, via Desert Island’s Flickr stream.


K. Thor Jensen (RED EYE, BLACK EYE) previews his forthcoming comic, CLOUD STORIES.

Read these

§ The Couscous Collective is a new group blog comprising Elizabeth Conley, Elena Diaz, Pancha Diaz, Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Konstantin Pogorelov, Jason Thompson, and Leia Weathington. Above is a collective self-portrait of most of them. § Tucker Stone talks canon and superheroes. There aren’t a lot of very strong canons for super-hero comics out […]

Michael Chabon’s Top 12 Tales of Adventure

Found via the Del Rey Internet Newsletter: Michael Chabon’s “Dashing Dozen”: 12 favorite works of adventure fiction: CAPTAIN BLOOD, Rafael Sabatini The Kull Stories, Robert E. Howard The Fafhrd and Grey Mouser stories, Fritz Leiber AGAINST THE DAY, Thomas Pynchon The Brigadier Gerard stories, Arthur Conan Doyle THE CHINESE BANDIT, Stephen Becker THE ICE SCHOONER, […]