Ambrosia goes on hiatus

A letter from Ambrosia publisher Wesley Craig Green, stating that he is canceling all contracts with his creators, is going around creative circles. Ambrosia Publishing has been around since 2007 and has published primarily webcomics, although POD versions of their material were available at the web store as well. Titles include such things as CLOCKWORK […]

Read and relax with John K

Legendary animator and curmudgeon John Kricfalusi has a lot of strongly held beliefs, and writes about them on his blog. Here, hs talks about stereotypes in cartoons…through the lens of Sven Hoek.: When I created Sven Hoek, I didn’t go and study all Nordic cultures. I had a conglomerate stereotype in my head of what […]

On the road yet again

Until the end of the week. In fact, we’re taking a few (dare we say) much needed days off. We’ll keep throwing you some art and a few news bytes until Monday. Enjoy.