A new generation comes of age

Today’s “It Kids” of snark and anti-establishmentarianism, Tucker and Nina Stone, are interviewed by Chris Mautner at Blog@Newsarama. Depending on your point of view, you will find them to be ultra-haters or honest proponents of an outsider viewpoint. Nina, who is new to comics, comments on the rollout of her exposure. Sometimes it pays off: […]

More Superman legal news

Over at Blog@, Jeff Trexler reports that ne of his posts has been introduced as evidence in the Siegel/DC copyright lawsuit. Under examination is the post discussing a collaboration between Jerry Siegel and an artist named Russell Keaton on what appears to be an early version of Superman. The discovery of this new material set […]

Bob Staake creates a cover

Watch legendary illustrater Bob Staake create this week’s New Yorker cover in this video. Apparently his process is quite amazing, according to Drawn! Thanks in part to YouTube, author and illustrator Bob Staake gives the world an inside look at how he goes about creating his one-of-a-kind illustrations. Believe it or not, Bob creates all […]

OPUS ends…and you must guess his fate

After a flurry of rumors that he was ending his OPUS comic strip, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed has confirmed it is ending on November 2. WPWG Editorial Director/General Manager Alan Shearer praised Breathed, saying the cartoonist “pushed all sorts of topical and stylistic envelopes” and “influenced a generation of new cartoonists.” Lago said Breathed is ending […]


Some good news from Rick Veitch: he’s collecting BRAT PACK in a remastered edition: When the fifth printing of my BRAT PACK tpb sold out a few months back, I promised I’d have big news about the next edition and here it is! King Hell Press will release INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK, a 300+ page […]

Pundits ponder SPX

While there are countless blog posts about SPX out there, a few of them merit more than passing mention. § The I love Rob Liefeld blog has a good rundown of purchases. § Of course we loved Brian Heater’s report, because we’re IN IT. But he also catches that special SPX vibe: The magic of […]

News and notes

Laura Park has been one of the most admired cartoonists around for a few years. Her output has been mostly confined to minis and an issue of SUPERIOR SHOWCASE. But following her Ignatz win for “Best Artist,” one had to wonder, which lucky publisher was going to glom on to her? It seems she’s joined […]

Studio coffee run: Iron Man, Liquid, Hobbit

§ How much do people love IRON MAN? So much so that the IRON MAN Blu-ray disc is the fastest selling Blu-ray in history. So many people bought it that downloading additional content from Paramount’s website, crashed the site big time That alone wouldn’t have been a problem, but because this caused the loading of […]