Bad coloring

UPDATE: Thanks to the corrections offered in the gentle manner that the Internet is known for, we’ve corrected the credits for the above weirdness — even if it was the wrong book, the coloring is still pants, however. We were farting around on the Internet yesterday when we came across an art thread at Ivan […]

DC month-to-month sales: August 2008

by Marc-Oliver Frisch With Final Crisis and Batman both showing up on shelves and spawning more crossover books, August was the strongest month for DC Comics’ periodical business in quite a while. Thanks to the new high-profile spin-off titles Final Crisis: Revelations, Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, DC Universe: Last Will and Testament and […]

Orphan Works goes down

The Orphan Works law which most graphic artists have been so worried about has quietly been killed tabled in the House, in the midst of all the other Congressional foofaraw this week: Late Friday, the Senate passed the measure and sent it to the House, where it landed dead on arrival. The act changes the […]

Quick linkage

§ MK Reed is profiled in the New York Daily News: Comic creator MK Reed, a recent Brooklyn transplant, writes, draws and edits comics. She has created many of her own titles including her first comic, “Catfight,” a story about first loves and the loss of friends, “Pale Fire” about a girl who goes on […]

More Snyder: 300 sequel to be based on Miller GN

In all the WATCHMEN hubbub, questions about that supposed “300 prequel/sequel” were also raised, and Zack Snyder answered: So when does the second 300 film take place? In short, Snyder says he’s spoken with Frank Miller who will be writing and drawing the graphic novel that the second film will be based on. Upon Miller’s […]

WATCHMEN: Lookin’ good and so is Dr. Manhattan’s doodle

Warners screened some 28 minutes of WATCHMEN footage last night. Director Zack Snyder engaged in a Q&A afterwards, and the media is all over it today. The NY Times has a wide-ranging report on the ongoing litigation and the footage: The scenes on display Wednesday spared nothing when it comes to the messy side of […]