Marvel month-to-month sales: August 2008

by Paul O’Brien It’s month five of SECRET INVASION, and the crossover continues to dominate Marvel’s output. August also sees the X-books continuing their “Manifest Destiny” direction, and relaunches for RUNAWAYS and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY. Marvel’s share of the North American direct market continues to hold up well. This time round, they beat DC in […]

Los puñetazos de Gil Kane

While we’re talking about Pepo, a very fine cartoonist in his own right, we might as well link to his gallery of Gil Kane’s iconic “Coming at ya!” punch drawings!

Frank Miller in Spain

The Beat’s unofficial Spanish correspondent, Pepo, alerts us to a post (in Spanish) on his blog about Frank Miller in Spain. Writer Borja Crespo caught up with Miller on his Spanish SPIRIT invasion. Pepo gave us a rough translation of Miller’s remarks, which we’ve excerpted: “Obama or McCain?” “In Europe I don’t want to talk […]

Meanwhile, in Indie land…

§ Jesse Reklaw has been cartoon-blogging his tour. § The Daily Cross Hatch presents cartoonists cartooning about how they are getting to SPX, including Liz Baillie, above. § Where’s Craig “Blankets” Thompson been, anyway? Drawing his new GN, HABIBI. Apparently this task has been so strenuous that he’s become incredibly buff for an indie cartoonist.

GRAYSONS: Learning to wear pants

McG and SMALLVILLE producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson are cooking up a new show for the CW called THE GRAYSONS, all about the youth of Dick “DJ” Grayson. Only a pilot has been ordered at this time, but the show is seen as a replacement for the long-running SMALLVILLE. CW insiders said they also […]

Seth art stolen

Tom Devlin reports that Seth’s cover to the literary magazine Taddle Creek has been fiendishly absconded with: While I was in Toronto this weekend, I picked up an issue of the lit-mag Taddle Creek because it had this truly spectacular wraparound Seth cover. Oh, how I coveted it. Well, it turns out that someone else […]

The power of the image

Barry Blitt is really hitting it out of the park, isn’t he? When you get Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to mimic your drawing in a year of intense political scrutiny, you have created an iconic image. Related: This week’s New Yorker cover (above) is an homage to Saul Steinberg (below.) Never dispute the power […]

A Gothic Lolita speaks

Look, we’re as baffled by the whole “Gothic Lolita” movement as anyone, and a New York Times profile is usually a sign something has jumped the shark: The Lolitas are here and in full bloom. Theirs is a world in which the childhood fantasy of Alice in Wonderland seems to collide full force with the […]

News from around the globe

§ Steve Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is definitely worth a trip, but it has had a history of economic setbacks. Now there’s a rent dispute of some kind, instigated when the non-profit Sports Legends Museum, which is housed in the same building, got a reduced rent. Geppi’s museum is for profit, although those have been slow […]

Tainted milk

As if the glum economic news wasn’t enough, they are now destroying our chocolate: Melamine-tainted milk from China has forced the withdrawal of several of Cadbury’s English confections: Cadbury, the British confectionery giant, is the latest victim of a tainted milk scandal that has left at least four babies dead in China and the company […]