Marvel month-to-month sales: August 2008

by Paul O’Brien It’s month five of SECRET INVASION, and the crossover continues to dominate Marvel’s output. August also sees the X-books continuing their “Manifest Destiny” direction, and relaunches for RUNAWAYS and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY. Marvel’s share of the North American direct market continues to hold up well. This time round, they beat DC in […]

Frank Miller in Spain

The Beat’s unofficial Spanish correspondent, Pepo, alerts us to a post (in Spanish) on his blog about Frank Miller in Spain. Writer Borja Crespo caught up with Miller on his Spanish SPIRIT invasion. Pepo gave us a rough translation of Miller’s remarks, which we’ve excerpted: “Obama or McCain?” “In Europe I don’t want to talk […]

Meanwhile, in Indie land…

§ Jesse Reklaw has been cartoon-blogging his tour. § The Daily Cross Hatch presents cartoonists cartooning about how they are getting to SPX, including Liz Baillie, above. § Where’s Craig “Blankets” Thompson been, anyway? Drawing his new GN, HABIBI. Apparently this task has been so strenuous that he’s become incredibly buff for an indie cartoonist.

GRAYSONS: Learning to wear pants

McG and SMALLVILLE producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson are cooking up a new show for the CW called THE GRAYSONS, all about the youth of Dick “DJ” Grayson. Only a pilot has been ordered at this time, but the show is seen as a replacement for the long-running SMALLVILLE. CW insiders said they also […]

Seth art stolen

Tom Devlin reports that Seth’s cover to the literary magazine Taddle Creek has been fiendishly absconded with: While I was in Toronto this weekend, I picked up an issue of the lit-mag Taddle Creek because it had this truly spectacular wraparound Seth cover. Oh, how I coveted it. Well, it turns out that someone else […]

The power of the image

Barry Blitt is really hitting it out of the park, isn’t he? When you get Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to mimic your drawing in a year of intense political scrutiny, you have created an iconic image. Related: This week’s New Yorker cover (above) is an homage to Saul Steinberg (below.) Never dispute the power […]

A Gothic Lolita speaks

Look, we’re as baffled by the whole “Gothic Lolita” movement as anyone, and a New York Times profile is usually a sign something has jumped the shark: The Lolitas are here and in full bloom. Theirs is a world in which the childhood fantasy of Alice in Wonderland seems to collide full force with the […]

News from around the globe

§ Steve Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is definitely worth a trip, but it has had a history of economic setbacks. Now there’s a rent dispute of some kind, instigated when the non-profit Sports Legends Museum, which is housed in the same building, got a reduced rent. Geppi’s museum is for profit, although those have been slow […]

Tainted milk

As if the glum economic news wasn’t enough, they are now destroying our chocolate: Melamine-tainted milk from China has forced the withdrawal of several of Cadbury’s English confections: Cadbury, the British confectionery giant, is the latest victim of a tainted milk scandal that has left at least four babies dead in China and the company […]