Gandalf and Picard team up to wait for Godot

Or, if you prefer, Magneto and Professor X do Beckett. According to a story on the BBC website, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be doing WAITING FOR GODOT next year. McKellan will play Estragon and Stewart will play Vladimir. Stewart is currently playing Claudius in the RSC production of Hamlet starring soon-to-be-ex Doctor # […]

Special: BLACK JACK — “Teratoid Cystoma”

As a special Halloween treat, we’d like to offer a COMPLETE story from Osamu Tezuka’s BLACK JACK Volume 1, “Teratoid Cystoma.” Black Jack is the world’s greatest surgeon but he’s also a dropout from society, giving him a “have scalpel, will travel” lifestyle. A brooding loner worthy of a Cure song, Black Jack faces humanity’s […]

APE Party! Cartoon Art Museum

CAM Alternative Press Expo Party: Keith Knight Closing Reception and Book Release Party for Jesse Reklaw, Hellen Jo and Olga Volozova Cartoon Art Museum Event: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 8:00-11:00 pm Sliding Scale: $2 – $20 The Cartoon Art Museum, Dark Horse Comics and Sparkplug Comic Books proudly present The Cartoon Art Museum’s Alternative Press […]

APE debuts!

Okay, buckle your seat belt, and BE SURE TO READ AFTER THE CUT! § Buenaventura Press: Buenaventura Press will have a 5 table sprawl at APE this year. You can find us at tables 308 – 312. We will be debuting Kramers Ergot 7 with a limited handful of advance copies that have been specially […]

Quick links

§ Kiel Phegley remembers My Life In Halloween Costumes. § Greg Burgas wonders…What’s next for DC? Bear with me: Final Crisis is ending. DC is publishing what amounts to a month of books that regular readers can skip with impunity (which I plan to do, as none of the books interest me at all). Everyone […]

Losing my edge

LCD Soundsystem remix via Sean Collins: Every great book by Jack Kirby.All the underground hits.All of the Boody Rogers strips.I heard you have a hardcover of every Tintin album on Belgian import.I heard that you have a mini of every seminal Bill Sienkiewicz book – 1985, ’86, ’87.I heard that you have a TPB compilation […]

“Cult Sci-Fi Film Finds New Life In Comic Book Series”

Activity page: What is wrong with this press release? Based on the old Sci-fi Classic film, This January Bluewater Productions updates this classic in conjunction with Legend Films. Written by Jason Schultz and Darren G. Davis and penciled by John Polacek. The film and comic series is described as, Lunar She-Devils lure Earthmen into their […]

Halloween horror: Karaoke

We know it is wrong to steal pictures from Facebook, but this photo from Tim Leong’s photo gallery from the event sheds much light on our previous karaoke woes. It also elicited this response from one Chip Zdarsky: It’s weird that by simply looking at a photo of people singing I can tell that it […]

Last minute to do: Rabid Rabbit release party tonight!

Just in time for Halloween, Rabid Rabbit is hosting a Horrific Happy Hour this Thursday(!) in celebration of our newest issue: “The Horror of Rabid Rabbit: Oh, The Horrifying Horror!” Please join us, once again, for a few hours of Murderously Malevolent Merry-making, Demonically Dreadful Debauchery and Ghoulishly Good times at Beauty Bar (see attachment): […]