Polls are fun: You are what you read

We’ve decided to make everything a little more interactive here at Stately Beat Manor, because we’ve heard that social networking and interactivity are where it’s all at. To that end, we want to know more about YOU, the faithful Beat reader. Perhaps we can even create a sort of Beaters profile, kind of like the […]

And in lighter news…

Mets fans are gladdened by this news from the Onion: Struggling Mets Combine To Form Carlos Voltron: Facing the Cubs in the midst of a three-game losing streak, the desperate Mets sprinted out to the field Tuesday, launched themselves high into the air above Shea Stadium, and combined their bodies to form a 400-foot tall […]

More Minx

Well it’s official, as DC’s release makes clear: Minx will cease publication beginning January ’09. Minx was an experimental imprint for DC Comics and we are extremely proud of the books we published and the stories we told during the past two years. We thank all of the writers and artists who lent their talents […]

Breaking news: Minx line canceled

Over at CBR, Andy Khouri reports that DC has canceled the Minx line, the much-talked-about line of GNs aimed at the female YA market, launched with much fanfare last year. Khouri’s story doesn’t go into detail on which books will be released, but it appears some will still come out, only not under the Minx […]

More old manga

Shaenon Garrity continues to reprint manga from the 40s. This stuff is pre-Tezuka, and it shows, but it has much charm. This week: Matt Thorn translates the title as The Delightful Steel Mill, which is probably the best translation, but I kind of prefer the translation one of my Japanese coworkers at Viz offered, The […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/25

§ Charlie Adlard (THE WALKING DEAD) writes to tell us he FINALLY has a website. § Similarly, Geppi’s Entertainment now has a new comprehensive website for all of his collectible-related endeavors. § Evie Nagy runs her full Q&A with Greg Rucka, mainly focusing on QUEEN & COUNTRY: Do you go to any great lengths to […]