Colbert meets Spidey!

Following in the tradition of Uncle Floyd and the ORIGINAL cast of Saturday Night Live, Spider-Man is teaming up with late-night personality Stephen Colbert: Marvel is proud to reveal that Spider-Man and acclaimed television personality Stephen Colbert will join forces in an all new eight-page story featured in the extra-sized Amazing Spider-Man #573! Acclaimed writer […]

Holy DVD, Batman!•

This week, Rich Johnston broke the story that part of the reason for the Fox lawsuit against the Warner WATCHMEN may be a rights swap of sorts: Sources tell me that Fox want the 1960s Batman TV series. Currently Fox own the TV footage, but Warner Bros own the characters and trademarks, via their ownership […]

Bluewater’s Hillary comic

Bluewater Productions sent out some PR yesterday about a new comic based on the life of Hillary Clinton — guess this political thing is so big even the comics are getting in on it. If we could we would just reproduce Kevin Melrose’s post at Blog@ Newsarama because he has a lot of fun with […]

People are talking about…

§ Time Out New York scores an extremely rare interview with…Spider-Man, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, as part of a series of interview with 40 important New Yorkers: Who are your favorite New Yorkers?Spider-Man: I love anyone who doesn’t publish incredibly slanted editorials in their newspaper about what a menace I am. I […]

Shadowline goes online, finds FINDER

In a case of burying the lede a bit, Shadowline has announced a new online comics site, including PLATINUM GRIT by Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy, and perhaps most interestingly, a new online home for FINDER (above), Carla Speed McNeil’s ongoing SF saga. The site presents the comics in a Flash-based format. PR below. The […]

Virgin goes Liquid

Virgin Comics is no more…but Liquid has risen in its place. Virgin’s management team has completed a buyout of Virgin’s assets that they have renamed Liquid Comics. The new entity will have an emphasis on digital content. Developing. Liquid Comics has completed the management buyout of Virgin Comics led by the founding management team of […]

Sign of the times: “chocolatey.”

Everyone knows that global economic woes are eliminating things like gas-guzzling cars and rising prices have forced many changes in our daily lives, even as there’s been forced belt tightening in countless households. But now they’ve come for our candy. It seems that due to rising prices, Hershey has stopped putting cocoa butter in some […]

This week in PW Comics Week:

• Actress Mia Kirshner talks with Laura Hudson about I LIVE HERE. • Van Jensen learns more of IDW’s G.I. Joe plans. • AFRO SAMURAI makes is manga debut, Kai-Ming Cha reports. • Peter Sanderson looks at Wacky Packages, Gary Gianni’s Prince Valiant and more. • Brian Wood talks about his very busy 2008 with […]

The Marvel Douche FAQ

With DC’s recent run of pulpings, much attention has been placed on previous comics that were recalled and reprinted, including the infamous LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN #5, which was printed and then destroyed because it was discovered to have an ad for something called “Marvel Douche,” complete with a bizarro looking, er, turkey baster, in […]

Newsy notes, 9/24

§ Douglas Wolk is interviewed at Comic Debrief: Why are superheroes so prominent in the medium? Why not, say, pirates? Superheroes ended up dominating pamphlet comic books as part of this gradual economic process over two decades. But superhero comics do two things really well. First, they’re really good at creating extended metaphors for things: […]