The fate of the artist, part 15

We’re about to go into an afternoon retreat and don’t have time to look at the discussion of work-for-hire vs creator-owned that has been going on across the blogosphere. We definitely have some thoughts and comments on the most fundamental question in the comics artform and business, but in the meantime, we suggest you start […]

Moore: spitting venom on WATCHMEN film

§ Geoff Boucher chats with Alan Moore and makes a shocking discovery…Moore doesn’t think much of the upcoming WATCHMEN film! “Will the film even be coming out? There are these legal problems now, which I find wonderfully ironic. Perhaps it’s been cursed from afar, from England. And I can tell you that I will also […]

Some quick links

§ Manuel Auad has a new book called The Art of Alex Niño. §Brian Heater presents his interview with Kyle Baker and Mo Willems: [Baker:]We’d all sit around and talk about how, when we “made it” like Jack Davis or Frank Frazzeta—we had a whole list. The list of comics people who made it were […]

SPX panels announced

We got this list of panels and whatnot at SPX yesterday — for times, you can go to the SPX website, but it looks like an absorbing, thought-provoking weekend: Q+A and Spotlights Joost Swarte Q+A Joost Swarte has produced comics, illustrations, graphics and architectural designs that have made him a legend in his native Netherlands. […]

The Cartoonist’s Ten Commandments

Via The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log: 1 You will not surrender your talent for the rest of your life. 2 You will not surrender your audiovisual rights without compensation. 3 You will not take up your pencil without an advance payment or a suitable financial compensation 4 You will recover your rights if your […]

The chipper world of Mark Millar

If there’s one word we’d use to describe writer Mark Millar, it’s “chipper.” It’s all happening right in front of his eyes and he can’t believe it! Reading his update on the Hollywood status of his WAR HEROES project, you can’t help but see that he’s got it covered!: I was in London working (and […]