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Jury protest over George reversal

It’s not that often that a JURY protests a legal decision, but the jurors in the Michael George trial seem to want his head on a pike, as they protested with actual signs and everything.

It’s extremely rare for a judge to order a new trial after a jury has reached a verdict. The prosecution plans to file an appeal with the state Court of Appeals within the next two weeks.

“I think it’s a travesty,” said jury foreman Garry Kuzinskoski, a 45-year-old sales engineer.

“We went through every piece of evidence,” added juror Madette Bui, 39, a registered nurse. “Everybody agreed on first-degree murder. We knew exactly why we were deciding it.”

Newsy bits: Glidden, hirings, Dini, etc.

§ Sarah Glidden‘s HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS has been picked up by Vertigo, she reports on her blog:

First, the most exciting news: I’ve just signed a contract with Vertigo, who will be publishing my first book, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less! The book will be in color, 200 pages, and I’ll be working on it for the next year or so. I couldn’t be happier!

Because of this, there aren’t going to be any more chapters released as minicomics. I know I told some people at Stumptown and MoCCA that I’d have chapter 3 ready for SPX but well…sorry about that.

To make up for it I do have a new non-Israel mini for SPX. It’s called Eight Days Out, and its a sketchbook travelogue following my brother Dan and I as we drove across the U.S. in January. Its 80 pages long and you can see the first 30 pages in the comics section

§ Terry and Robyn Moore aren’t the only cartoon-related types who were in the path of Hurricane Ike. ICv2 updates the atatus of anime/manga pub ADV:

Anime company ADV Films remains closed, with its servers offline. According to an ADV source, “it’s day to day” as to when the company will re-open. Power is still out to much of the area, with many traffic lights not operating and streets dangerous to travel.

Best wishes to all our friends in the area.

§ ICV2 also reports on two new hires at the CBLDF: Mike Scigliano, formerly of Wizard and DC, and Jill Friedman. Good luck to both!

Scigliano comes to the Fund from Wizard Conventions, where he oversaw sales, marketing, and logistics. Prior to his stint at Wizard, Scigliano spent time at DC Comics in sales and marketing and in comic retailing. In his new position at the Fund, Scigliano will oversee the organization’s convention presence, improving the Fund’s membership premium offerings, and assisting in overall management.

Friedman has a background in comics retailing, digital marketing, graphic design, blogging, and office management. As Fundraising Manager, Friedman will oversee the organization’s membership program, online auctions, outreach, special events, and assist in mission communications.

§ Brendan Wright has joined Dark Horse as an assistant editor.

§ THE ALCOHOLIC, the graphic novel by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, got a shout out in today’s Page Six, pretty much the ultimate sign You Are Somebody:

MONICA Lewinsky is now a cartoon character. In “The Alcoholic,” a new graphic novel by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, a booze-addled writer meets the Portly Pepperpot at a book reading. “I tried not to, but I couldn’t help myself – I stared at her mouth,” he explains. As the two dine with friends at Veselka in the East Village, Lewinsky ogles a plate of kielbasa. “When she said the kielbasa looked delicious, it was like all the sound drained out of a very noisy restaurant,” the character says. “The whole table went into collective shock. We all thought the same thing: ‘Monica thinks that [bleep] looks delicious!’ ”

§ Paul Dini’s Dinicartoons comics have moved over to Top Cow, led by a Jingle Belle special, drawn by Stephanie Gladden.

ITEM! Steve Rolston appreciates WINTERMEN:

At the core of the story, Kris is caught up trying to find the truth behind the kidnapping, smuggling and experimentation of a little girl with a deadly power. But there’s so much more to the story than that. There are all the nasty little errands assigned to a cop (Kalenov) working directly for the Mayor. There’s the constant political dealing and bribery that encompasses every part of life in Moscow. All the various dealings of criminal organizations, from organ smuggling to protection money to violent turf wars between rival gangs controlling Coke versus Pepsi. And all the cultural tidbits of Russian life that make the story feel real and give it texture.

Phrases to live by

200809181348Yesterday, we had a asterisk next to the phrase “colon comic,” but tragically, that colon never paid off, distracted as we were by Lex Luthor’s takeover of AIG, and Roxxon’s buying the Lehman Bros. building. Here’s what we MEANT to say:

*”Colon comics” is ©Tom Spurgeon as evidenced in this review of FINAL CRISIS: Legion of 3 Worlds #1:

These are colon series — not colon as in being full of crap, but colon as in they’re frequently named as derivatives of the bigger series. Thus, “Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds.” For those of you further unaware of this particular event brand, the series that DC designates with the term “crisis” tend to be reality-bending armageddons that posit the central importance of DC Comics icons in nothing less than the meaning of life itself.

Of course Marvel has a bumper crop of colon comics, too: DARK REIGN: NEW NATION and SECRET INVASION: REQUIEM #1 and so on. But the idea of a “Colon Crisis” gives rise to many allusions and ideas!

We’d also like to salute Sean T. Collins for this:

Can we at least agree that people who are serial ruiners-of-companies–these nightmarish Bizarro Mariano Rivieras who never fail to close down their own ventures, in the process lying and robbing and sucking up as much cash for themselves and their cronies as they can and leaving others holding the bag

We call these can’t-stay-deaders entrepreneurs “Zombies” ourselves, but “Bizarro Mariano” is much better,

Of course, even Mariano isn’t Mariano any more, but that’s a whole other blog…

Political corner

Ted Rall sent us a link to his first cartoon, “Obama’s First Day.”

Rall wrote, drew and designed the characters for “President Obama’s First Day,” a tongue-firmly-in-cheek look at liberal Democrats’ fantasies of how an Obama Administration would instantly change things for the better. The animation was done by David Essman.

“There are some great Flash-based edittoons out there, but they take a different approach than I do. I see each animated cartoon as a skit, as a mini TV show,” Rall said. “I hope people enjoy watching ‘Obama’s First Day’ as much as David and I enjoyed making it.”

We enjoyed that cartoon but along the way we discovered this one, “Presidential Election Meets Pokemon McCain Vs Hillary & Obama,” which is like…

…maybe the greatest thing ever in history. Or at least since Lasagna Cat. Or this:

New SPIRIT stills

/Film has a bunch of new SPIRIT stills up. Go to the link for the whole bunch. Oddly, the Spirit (played by Gabriel Macht) appears in very few of them!



SPX is coming…let’s party!

Hoo boy, SPX is looming in a few weeks, and Baltimore Comic-Con and the New York Anime Fest are just around the corner. We seriously need to get up to speed on all of the happenings and hoopla, so let’s get started with a pre-SPX party featuring young cartoonists being “socially awkward” at Atomic Books:

We’re celebrating with the SPX-PLOSION PRE-PARTY
Featuring Jesse Reklaw, Brian Ralph, Lauren Weinstein, Julia Wertz, Laura Park, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Ken Dahl, Ben Claassen III
Live music by: Closed Caption Comics, Sam Gas Can and special guests!!

Friday, October 3rd
7-10PM. Free. Atomic Books.
Hampden, Baltimore, MD.
3620 Falls Rd.

The night before the Small Press Expo (the premiere independent cartooning and comics arts festival) opens in Bethesda (www.spxpo.com), we will be celebrating Atomic Books’ 16th Anniversary with a night of music and cartoonists & comickers in Baltimore.

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To Do: Deitch at Strand

200809180225Continuing Kim Deitch week, the artist appears tonight at The Strand:

Kim Deitch at the Strand

Kim Deitch, Deitch’s Pictorama
September 18 07:00PM – 08:30PM

Veteran underground cartoonist Kim Deitch, creator of the acclaimed Fantagraphics collection Shadowland and the Pantheon graphic novels Alias the Cat and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, has recruited his entire cast of siblings to produce a unique, all-new “picto-fiction” pocket book. Alternating between heavily illustrated near-comics stories and outright prose, Pictorama is a testament to the entire Deitch family’s amazing yarn-spinning abilities.

The Strand bookstore is located at 12th and Broadway, Manhattan.


Warren Ellis posted the cover to one of his new novellas the other day. Artist not listed.

Ed the Happy Libertarian

It seems that famed Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown, 48, is running for Parliament — as a libertarian. The Beguiling is supporting his effort with a drive to get enough signatures to allow his name to get on the ballot. This got a little play on comics blogs this week, but now it’s got more in the local paper. Brown is running as a Libertarian:

Brown is nonetheless planning a genuine run for Member of Parliament in the Trinity-Spadina riding, a job currently held by NDP celeb Olivia Chow, where he would be the closest thing the Libertarians have ever boasted to a star candidate — taking time out for campaign events between working on his follow-up to 2003’s Louis Riel, a 200-page chronicle of his experiences paying for sexual services, which is about one-quarter complete, produced with the assistance of a $16,000 grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Not all of Brown’s peers support his run:

“Seth told me that, after he heard I was into this, that something died within him.”

We say, that with Chet’s avowed habit of paying for sex, he fits right into the political scene!

Have your say on the WATCHMEN sequel

SPLASH PAGE has some idle talk from Patrick “Night Owl” Wilson about his contractual obligation to sign for a sequel which everyone knows is looney, but then that’s why they call it an obligation:

“Even the guys from ‘300’ might have had a sequel,” said Wilson. “It’s the most ridiculous option. It’s sort of a financial way to protect the studio, and I would do the same thing.”

But could “Watchmen” ever have a sequel — and furthermore, would he want to be in it?

“Certainly, artistically, I can’t fathom how it would happen,” said Wilson. “But hey, if Alan Moore writes it, I’d love to read it.”

The piece ends with the small exhortation:

What do YOU think, readers? Is there any way a story like “Watchmen” could (or should) receive a sequel?

Come on, now — we say, in words of one syllable: GET A GRIP!

Shadowline launches kids line

Bruce Cover
Shadowline, the Jim Valentino-driven arm of Image Comics, is launching a new line of comics aimed at the younger set, dubbed Silverline. The line debuts in October; creators include Joshua Williamson Vicente Navarrete, Kristen Simon, Justin Shady, Eric A. Anderson, Manny Trembley, and Valentino himself. PR below:

“Silverline Books is dedicated to publishing quality all-ages books that bridge the gap between traditional storybooks and comics,” said Publisher Jim Valentino. “We believe that there’s a strong need to reach out to younger readers and introduce them to comics with uplifting, non-violent stories in a format they’re familiar with.”

Silverline Books officially begins October 29th with its first all-new release, DEAR DRACULA by Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrete; a Halloween-themed story about a boy who gets visited by his hero, the king of all vampires. It continues in November with BRUCE, THE LITTLE BLUE SPRUCE by Shadowline editor Kristen Simon and Image co-founder Jim Valentino, in which the titular tree wants nothing more than a family to take him in on Christmas.

The year ends with two more Silverline titles, including December’s MISSING THE BOAT by Justin Shady (aka Wayne Chinsang) and Dwellephant, about two lazy animals who are too late for Noah’s Ark, and the softcover follow-up to last years double Eisner award nominee PX! BOOK TWO: IN THE SERVICE OF THE QUEEN by Eric A. Anderson and Manny Trembley.

More info and previews in the link.

Maybe Rosario should join the cast of LOVE & ROCKETS movie


We love the expression on sometime-comics creator Rosario Dawson’s face here. She’s all like “Yup. It’s all real. I DO have a fabulous complexion.”