Go buy — Scott Morse

New Books from Scott Morse! Notes over Yonder and Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Spotted via the AdHouse blog.

Jury protest over George reversal

It’s not that often that a JURY protests a legal decision, but the jurors in the Michael George trial seem to want his head on a pike, as they protested with actual signs and everything. It’s extremely rare for a judge to order a new trial after a jury has reached a verdict. The prosecution […]

Newsy bits: Glidden, hirings, Dini, etc.

§ Sarah Glidden‘s HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS has been picked up by Vertigo, she reports on her blog: First, the most exciting news: I’ve just signed a contract with Vertigo, who will be publishing my first book, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less! The book will be […]

Phrases to live by

Yesterday, we had a asterisk next to the phrase “colon comic,” but tragically, that colon never paid off, distracted as we were by Lex Luthor’s takeover of AIG, and Roxxon’s buying the Lehman Bros. building. Here’s what we MEANT to say: *”Colon comics” is ©Tom Spurgeon as evidenced in this review of FINAL CRISIS: Legion […]

Political corner

Ted Rall sent us a link to his first cartoon, “Obama’s First Day.” Rall wrote, drew and designed the characters for “President Obama’s First Day,” a tongue-firmly-in-cheek look at liberal Democrats’ fantasies of how an Obama Administration would instantly change things for the better. The animation was done by David Essman. “There are some great […]

New SPIRIT stills

/Film has a bunch of new SPIRIT stills up. Go to the link for the whole bunch. Oddly, the Spirit (played by Gabriel Macht) appears in very few of them!

SPX is coming…let’s party!

Hoo boy, SPX is looming in a few weeks, and Baltimore Comic-Con and the New York Anime Fest are just around the corner. We seriously need to get up to speed on all of the happenings and hoopla, so let’s get started with a pre-SPX party featuring young cartoonists being “socially awkward” at Atomic Books: […]

To Do: Deitch at Strand

Continuing Kim Deitch week, the artist appears tonight at The Strand: Kim Deitch at the Strand Kim Deitch, Deitch’s Pictorama September 18 07:00PM – 08:30PM Veteran underground cartoonist Kim Deitch, creator of the acclaimed Fantagraphics collection Shadowland and the Pantheon graphic novels Alias the Cat and Boulevard of Broken Dreams, has recruited his entire cast […]


Warren Ellis posted the cover to one of his new novellas the other day. Artist not listed.

Ed the Happy Libertarian

It seems that famed Canadian cartoonist Chester Brown, 48, is running for Parliament — as a libertarian. The Beguiling is supporting his effort with a drive to get enough signatures to allow his name to get on the ballot. This got a little play on comics blogs this week, but now it’s got more in […]

Have your say on the WATCHMEN sequel

SPLASH PAGE has some idle talk from Patrick “Night Owl” Wilson about his contractual obligation to sign for a sequel which everyone knows is looney, but then that’s why they call it an obligation: “Even the guys from ‘300’ might have had a sequel,” said Wilson. “It’s the most ridiculous option. It’s sort of a […]

Shadowline launches kids line

Shadowline, the Jim Valentino-driven arm of Image Comics, is launching a new line of comics aimed at the younger set, dubbed Silverline. The line debuts in October; creators include Joshua Williamson Vicente Navarrete, Kristen Simon, Justin Shady, Eric A. Anderson, Manny Trembley, and Valentino himself. PR below: “Silverline Books is dedicated to publishing quality all-ages […]

Maybe Rosario should join the cast of LOVE & ROCKETS movie

We love the expression on sometime-comics creator Rosario Dawson’s face here. She’s all like “Yup. It’s all real. I DO have a fabulous complexion.”