2008 Ignatz Award nominees

The nominees for this year’s Ignatz Awards have just been announced and here they are — a very, very indie list, with few of the “big” indies from FBI or D&Q represented — but a great list nonetheless. Small Press Expo (SPX) 2008 will host the twelfth annual presentation of the Ignatz Awards on Saturday […]

Kim Deitch at MoCCA

We’re a bit late in posting about Friday’s boffo opening for the Kim Deitch reception at MoCCA. Not only was the show — curated by Bill Kartalopoulous — an outstanding retrospective at one of the great storytellers and seminal figures of the underground, but it was also one of the best looking shows ever at […]

Marvel goes online

Perhaps heeding the previous item about declining comics sales, Marvel has pulled the trigger on creating a line of original web comics, the NY Times reports: “Iron Man: Fast Friends” will focus on the relationship between Tony Stark, the man behind the iron armor, and Jim Rhodes, who comic fans know eventually becomes War Machine, […]

New day, new company: Framelight

Well, well, what have we here? Is it a new production shingle that thinks there’s money to be made in movies based on comics? It is, indeed! This time, it’s a joint called Framelight , headed by producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson Jr. They hope to make 6-8 movies a year, “focusing on […]

Random universe, random links

The week in Beat columnists: We erred horribly when we stated that Marc-Oliver Frisch has moved to North Dakota. He has, in fact, moved to Idaho. The Beat regrets the error. § Meanwhile, Paul O’Brien is scaling back: Having taken a couple of weeks off, and returned to an absolute mountain of titles, I’m more […]

People doing things

Kaz won an Emmy, Flog tells and shows us (after raiding the artist’s Facebook page), in “Outstanding Animation Special Category for his ‘story by’ credit on the ‘Lazlo’s First Crush’ episode of Camp Lazlo.” § Ted Rall has become president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. More election results in the link, via Dave […]


Look, we’re as sick of celebrity-written comics as you are…but when the celeb-written comics involve William Shatner and have covers as lurid and oddly compelling as this one…we’re a believer. Besides, unlike many celebs writing comics, he pays a teensy bit of attention to them, if this interview with Geoff Boucher can be believed: Shatner […]

What is going on?

Look, it’s been a long time since we chatted — just the two of us. I know there’s a lot to talk about. Just pull up a chair — or a stool. Yes that stool. It’s the rule, everyone has a stool. Anyway…I know I haven’t been communicating the way I should lately. I’ve been […]