CORALINE proceeds

Oregon Live looks at the ongoing work on Henry Selick’s stop motion adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s CORALINE, the debut film from a new animation studio: Behind the anonymous walls of a Hillsboro warehouse, dozens of filmmakers labor quietly on the offbeat project that will turn sneaker mogul Phil Knight into a moviemaker. Animators hunch over […]

What’s threatening us now

While some think that the Potty Mouth Batman variant may be the trigger to a new comics witch hunt, it’s more likely that THIS kind of thing will be more alarming if someone wants to make a big meal of things. Anybody who doubts the rapidly growing influence of Japan’s erotic cultural imports in the […]

People are talking about…9/15

§ Chris Butcher goes to PAX, the video game confab, and comes back wondering why things can’t all be so simple. You see, PAX has seven simple rules for attendees, including “Don’t harass anyone,” whereas the idea of giving such a rule at comics conventions has been met with classic internet-style argumentation. Why is this […]

Stormy Monday thoughts: McCloud etc.

With today’s grisly economic news, Tom’s already-worthwhile interview with Scott McCloud becomes even more timely: McCLOUD: All of them, that’s the point. [laughter] I like that we have an economy of free and DIY and a growing market for graphic novels and an all-ages movement. Although the manga scene doesn’t have an effect on too […]

More injury to the nads with Kyle Baker

Sterling archivist Michael Fiffe once more opens the vaults with this collection of Kyle Baker’s X-Men comic strip, “It’s Genetic”: The 11 “It’s Genetic” gag panels below were taken from the now defunct Marvel Age comic, the official Marvel Comics news comic. These were the only ones that I know of and they would pop […]

ALL-STAR BATMAN once more: That’s gotta hurt

Are you tired of ASBARTBW #10 yet? We’re sure many people are. As if the poorly masked swearwords weren’t enough, apparently a scene where Batgirl hits ’em where it hurts was removed, as tracked down by blogger Ty Buttars, who quotes inker Scott Williams: And when the infamous All Star Batman and Robin #10 comes […]