ALL-STAR BATMAN’s bad language

As revealed in a few comments here and around the web, and confirmed by several insiders, the reason for yesterday’s ALL-STAR BATMAN #10 recall was language. Writer Frank Miller had requested all the issue’s profanity be lettered in,, and then covered with a black bar. However, although it looks fine in the proof stage, when […]

Stanley’s NANCY

It seems that Little Lulu wasn’t the only tot in a red dress that legendary John Stanley wrote about. Pappy’s Golden Age has reproduced some of John Stanley’s NANCY comics, and if Nancy and Sluggo come off a bit like Lulu and Tubby, there’s no doubt that Aunt Fritzi is wayyyyy hotter than Lulu’s mom. […]

Retailer summit stuff

The Diamond Retailer Summit is winding down in Vegas today. There’s been a bit of news coming out (we’ll have some reports from our man on the spot in a bit) but Newsarama is covering some Marvel announcements, including the new “event,” Dark Reign, as well as a new ULTIMATE AVENGERS title by Mark Millar […]

Comics at the New Yorker Festival

The New Yorker Festival has just announced its lineup for the year, and as usual, there are several comics-related events: Lynda Barry in conversation with Matt Groening 4 p.m. Festival HQ Metropolitan Pavilion ($25) Art Spiegelman: “Breakdowns: Comix 101” 4:30 p.m. Ailey Citigroup Theater Joan Weill Center for Dance ($25) Worst Nightmares Part 2: “Fear(s) […]

SPX has Rall, Bolling, Wuerker

Via PR, political cartoonists will have a sizable presence at this year’s SPX in Bethesda. Previously announced guests include Joost Swarte and Ben Katchor. SPX will be held October 4-5 this year…so it’s time to start planning! The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comic books, graphic novels and […]

Disney can’t resist comics’ allure

The redoubtable Disney blogger JIm Hill looks at Disney’s somewhat anemic summer. PRINCE CASPIAN was a disappointment (moving from Christmas to summer for the family-themed film was a bad move) and even the majestic WALL-E (a flawless, perfect movie classic) earned a bit less than hoped due to the DARK KNIGHT juggernaut. So what is […]

Land o’ the links

§ An story on webcomics includes the fact that Chris Onstad makes $250K a year from ACHEWOOD-related activities: Webcomics cultivate an underground rapport with readers that relies on word-of-mouth, so readers discover the comics–and affiliated merchandise–without the traditional online model of SEO tactics and advertising. When it comes to creating merchandise, says Onstad, 33, […]