Email woes on a Friday afternoon

Here at Stately Beat Manor, we’ve put our entire tech team on a VERY troubling and pressing problem. It seems that we have not been receiving emails from at least one of our most trusted pals on our Gmail account. An investigation on that is ongoing, but if one email hasn’t been getting through, isn’t […]

Rick Geary’s Lindbergh

In our humble opinion, Rick Geary is one of cartooning’s unsung treasures. We’re unabashed fans of his series of TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER books, which retells famed murders with all the detail of SNAPPED but all the artistry of a great artist. You can check out the series at Geary’s NBM homepage. Geary has just […]

To do: Toon Books events

Lots of events coming up for Eleanor Davis and Dean Haspiel, including TONIGHT: TOON Books is pleased to announce a series of September events to launch the first two titles in the publisher’s fall line of comics for early readers. Talented newcomer Eleanor Davis will debut Stinky, a hilarious and heartwarming story that proves even […]

Internet users remix CHROME

4chan hackers have been busily remixing Scott McCloud’s comic about Google’s new Chrome browser, with amusing results. Related: Chrome has had a bumpy rollout with concerns over privacy and features. “By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly […]

MacFarlane’s Google deal

We are so link starved today that we are linking to this story about Seth MacFarlane’s deal with Google for new webtoons: In the Google series, “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,” fans of his TV shows will see some familiar themes, including celebrity takedowns and surreal scenarios. In one “Cavalcade” sketch the actor Matthew […]

G. Butt baffled by 300 prequel, too

While out doing the rounds of PR for RocknRolla, the new Guy Ritchie-directed film, Leonidas, aka Gerard Butler, sounded off on rumors of a 300 sequel or prequel of some kind: Unfortunately, Butler hasn’t heard anything more then we have, and he seemed rather dubious of the film’s franchise potential. “I’ve heard some backroom chatter, […]


Whatever happened to that movie in which Bruce Campbell has to rescue a town beset by demons, and the townspeople believe he can really fight them? Well, screenwriter Mark Verheiden has the release news: Dates for the theatrical release of “My Name Is Bruce” have finally been announced. Bruce Campbell himself, aka “the man”, will […]