First word on Spider-Man musical

This LJ writer got a sneak peak at the upcoming Spider-Man musical, which is directed by Julie Taymor with music by Bono and The Edge. We’ve heard a few whisperings ourselves, but this sounds like a must-see: It’s fairly well-documented that Julie Taymor is a genius, but I was dubious when I first heard about […]

Early Hernandez Bros. treats

Cartoonist Mike Fiffe has done us all a service by scanning in some very early and obscure stories and illos by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. Los Bros. may wince at these early Marvel/DC influenced illustrations now, but The Beat vividly remembers them adorning mailing envelopes of The Comics Journal, and how charming and/or disturbing they […]

McCloud announces Google Chrome

Not content with becoming a verb, noun and ultra-profitable media conglomerate, Google is about to launch a browser, and it will be called Chrome. How do we know? Well, it seems Scott McCloud drew a 38 page comic all about Chrome, which was inadvertently leaked to the Internet yesterday. Jeff Trexler revels: Old media heralding […]

Warners fires back, drags in everyone

The New York Times reports on Warners’ response to Fox’s suit over WATCHMEN. A key element: Just what did one-time WATCHMEN producer Lawrence Gordon pay to whom, and when? In a summary of its position in Friday’s report, Warner said Fox “sat silently” as one of the producers of “Watchmen,” Lawrence Gordon, took the project […]

Japan to get manga-lovin’ PM?

What with Yasuo Fukuda’s abrupt resignation this weekend, it looks like long-waiting-in-the-wings Taro Aso might finally get a shot, and finally a world power will be run by a big nerd! He has been shrewd at courting younger voters as a champion of Japan’s pop culture. A former Olympian in clay-target shooting, he professes to […]

Once more into the breach, dear pals!

Bully rounds up the greatest ads of all time. The Beat is showing her age, but it is fair to say that nothing entranced this young comics reader as much as those ads (drawn by the great Russ Heath) for toy soldiers of various eras on the backs of the comics. 12 Shooting Infantrymen! 12 […]