SPX call for debuts

The Small Press Expo is this weekend in Bethesda, MD! It is the first time in a while that the show will be a weekend (Sat.-Sun.) affair, so it should be interesting. We’ll have a full preview in a day or so. Iin the meantime, it’s gonna be rough, but if you have books debuting […]

Kirkman and Bendis battle for the very soul of comics

So anyway, the Kirkman/Bendis debate thingie. Perhaps it was just because everyone was still amped about the previous night’s Obama/McCain matchup, but everyone came expecting a real debate. What they got was Bendis and Kirkman sticking to their talking points. ComicMix has a near transcript, but Vaneta Rogers’s report at Newsarama has a more accurate […]

NYAF 2008 roundup

While we were in Baltimore, the Manga Set were at New York Anime Fest. Reports are everywhere on the web. Brigid, predictably, has a fine roundup. Yen Press announced several new titles, and Del Rey announced a deal with Cartoon Network: Joining Bakugan in their new Cartoon Network comics is Ben 10 Alien Force. Similar […]

Minx fallout news

Andy Khouri follows up on the Minx cancellation with interviews with most of the Minx creators on the fate of various books. The biggest casualty is David Hahn’s ALL NIGHTER, which is finished but will not be published by DC. While the comics punditry performs a thorough post-mortem on Minx, reader concern has largely been […]

Studio coffee run: Branagh, Green Lantern, MJ, etc.

§ Wow, shocker! Kenneth Branagh is gonna direct THOR? Branagh is a trained Shakespearean actor, acclaimed for his dynamic screen and stage renditions of the Bard’s work, so getting attached to a superhero movie sounds like a big stretch. But is it? This news was so momentous that The Beat was quoted on E! Online […]

Pope, HAPPY CORP. B-day and DKNY Jeans launch pics

Last Thursday Paul Pope celebrated both his birthday and the launch of his “2089” clothing line for DKNY Jeans at THE HAPPY CORP headquarters in SoHo for a comics/fashiony bash. Guests included Dean Haspiel, Molly Crabapple, Seth Kushner, Arlen Schumer, Josh Bernstein (Royal Flush), Lindsey Reiman & Anna Van Slee (Devil’s Due), Michel Fiffe, Laura […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/30

§ If you missed the results of our reader poll, it’s here, allegedly legible. § Rob Clough has a report on the big Dash Shaw/Gary Panter event at Duke University (above): Shaw went on to describe his experiences as a student in Japan, the ways in which manga influenced his storytelling choices in BOTTOMLESS BELLY […]

San Diego: Your feet will hurt even more

A story from last week we didn’t have time for: San Diego has announced a planned 300,000 sq. ft expansion of their existing convention center, adding to the 525,000 sq. ft. existing floor space. The Convention Center expansion has long been mentioned by SDCC organizers as a necessity for the show to remain in the […]

Orphan Works

That darned Congress! Have you heard? It’s incredible? They passed that Orphan Works bill. Colleen Doran explains:: Worst case scenario: the Senate has passed the Orphan Works Bill and the wording of the Senate bill is even more hideous than that of the House bill. The bill is not law, but may become law if […]

The joy of Ethernet

Sorry about that media blackout yesterday. The Marriott Inner Harbor in Baltimore is a fine hotel with wonderful bedding and a friendly staff (as well as SHOWER CAPS, a recent bugaboo at SBM), but the Ethernet modem in our room cut out every time out the computer went to sleep — necessitating a 10 minute […]

This is lame, but…

Does anyone have a picture of the Kirkman/Bendis hug at their panel I can use for a Baltimore story I’m writing? Full credit will be given. Email at the usual spot. Thanks.

New SPIRIT trailer

Has hit the web. Discuss. Back in a bit. Technorati Tags: The Spirit


Posting for today is delayed by a crappy hotel Internet connection. The Beat will return soon.

Harveys: The morning after

Sorry for the panic of Twitter last night! Basically, The Beat‘s table included Kyle Baker, Dean Haspiel, and Ben McCool, so to say there were laughs afoot would be an understatement. We were all kidding about the deadly-looking steak knives when it turned out that Kyle had cut his finger buttering bread. Someone called a […]

2008 Harvey Award winners

Official list; winners in BOLD. ALL STAR SUPERMAN was the night’s biggest winner with three, while Nicholas Gurewiitch’s PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP won two. BEST WRITER Ed Brubaker, Captain America, Marvel Comics Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet Books Grant Morrison, All Star Superman, DC Comics William Van Horn, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, […]

At the Harvey Awards

Hey, guys, sorry for the lack of posting today. Poor Internet connections! However, we are Twittering the Harveys at Twitter / Comixace. More later.