LIQUID CITY anthology from Image

How many cartoonists from Singapore and Thailand can you name? After the new anthology LIQUID CITY comes out from Image, you’ll probably be able to name many more. Edited by Sonny (MY FAITH IN FRANKIE) Liewthe book will include many new faces alongside the familiar: Image PR is below, but you can follow along at […]

WOWIO woes continue

ComicList is reporting that Q2 payments are late, and our email inbox is filling up with reports from publishers who have not been paid. Oh well. UPDATE: We just received this from T Campbell and are running it as received: My name is T Campbell, and I’ve been doing comics, in partnership with various artists, […]


Ron Chan of Periscope Studio posts his artwork for a once-upcoming issue of Virgin’s GAMEKEEPER. Related: Snark from Steven Grant: As I’ve mentioned before they’re not the first company predicated on titles created by “stars” with the grunt work performed by work-for-hire comics talent, with the goal of generating mass media franchises from the properties; […]

Shop at Ralphs for the Hero Initiative

As The Beat wanders each week through a cramped Gristedes, pushing a tiny, child- or midget-sized cart through narrow, stacked-up aisles, hoping against hope to find a fresh pepper or garlic clove in the bedraggled produce area, our thoughts often return to the wonders of Ralphs, the California-based chain which has — let’s be honest […]

Morimoto at NYAF!

Okay, here is one celebrity we can get excited about — or more accurately, his king yellowtail stew. The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced Chef Masaharu Morimoto — star of Iron Chef and Iron Chef America — will attend its 2008 event as a Guest of Honor. The New York Anime Festival, an […]