Requiem for a Virgin

Looking at my calendar for today, there was a single item, planned about a month ago: 12:00 — Lunch with Virgin Comics The meeting had already been postponed once — it was a planned confab between Publishers Weekly’s team with Virgin’s people to talk about upcoming projects and how we could “work together.” Pretty standard […]

The final word on KRAMERS ERGOT #7

Editor Sammy Harkham finally talks in an interview with Tom Spurgeon: SPURGEON: Who’s in the book? HARKHAM: The complete contributor list is: Rick Altergott, Gabrielle Bell, Jonathan Bennett, Blanquet, Blex Bolex, Conrad Botes, Shary Boyle, Mat Brinkman, John Brodowski, Ivan Brunetti, C.F., Chris Cilla, Jacob Ciocci, Dan Clowes, Martin Cendreda, Joe Daly, Kim Deitch, Matt […]

New Buenaventura titles

Two new books from Buenaventura Press: The gay elves in Uncle Alvin’s workshop have been working overtime and Buenaventura Press is going through ch-ch-ch-changes. Not only do we have a spectacular new office space, new staff additions, and seriously exciting upcoming projects, but we will be seeing some of you live and in person at […]

The catch-up post

Too much to catch up on, but here’s a teeny sampling: § Via Colleen: Ross Rojek may soon be at large again! Ross Rojek, formerly of Another Universe, formerly of Comics and Comix, formerly the guy who served four years of a nearly 7 year sentence for screwing a bunch of investors who were fooled […]

Who has hurt comics more: WFH or creator-owned work?

Retailer Robert Scott has his own response to Robert Kirkman‘s call for more creator-owned concepts: Well, I’m not sure how folks like Lea, Ellis or even Kirkman have missed it for twenty two years but Marvel, DC, WFH or retailers have not damaged the industry nearly as much as creator owned work (and the publishers […]

James Jean leaves FABLES

James Jean announces he’s leaving FABLES to concentrate on his own art: “This is a difficult email for me to write. Don’t worry . . . as far as I know, I don’t have any tumors or crippling neuroses, and my taxes are in order. But I feel like I’m breaking up with the prom […]

Studio updates

§ Heartbreaking news today: There will be no Arseface promos all over phone booths: HBO has killed the PREACHER TV series. Mark Steven Johnson told Comics Continuum: “We were budgeting and everything and it was getting really close to going,” Johnson told The Continuum. “But the new head of HBO felt it was just too […]

Whose side are you on?

Just to help illustrate, I was on a plane yesterday coming in from the Fan Expo convention in Toronto and sat next to a young woman who, after we’d started talking and I told her I was a comic book artist, asked me if comics weren’t a dying industry. I don’t think it’s dying, but […]