Mickey Mouse: not just for Disney anymore?

The LA Times rounds up the epic story of how the original Mickey Mouse may just not be “copyright Disney” anymore: All signs pointed to a Hollywood ending with Disney and Mickey Mouse living happily ever after — at least until a grumpy former employee looked closely at fine print long forgotten in company archives. […]

Comics: not just for nerds anymore!

That is the true next level in comics’ ascendance, as WaPo sends book guy Bob Thompson to see what all the excitement is about: To a lifelong Prose Guy, whose idea of a good time involves a comfortable couch and a book full of nothing but words, the graphic novel galaxy can still feel far, […]

Brief items

§ Bob Greenberger is the new News editor at ComicMix: Almost a year ago to the day, Mike took me to lunch to talk about my life post-Weekly World News and we began discussing a role for me within ComicMix. It led to additional writing and some work on Phase 3, which will be announced […]

DC’s future

This story in the WSJ reveals that DC Comics’ days as the shy, studious librarian of the Warners empire are doneski, as Warners bets on a new film strategy with DC at the center. The plan involves fewer films but larger tentpole opportunities for each of them. And all eyes are on DC: “Films with […]

Virgin Comics: changes ahead

Rumors about Virgin Comics are flying fast and furious this weekend. Sources are telling me that the comics publishing is getting drastically reduced or eliminated and most of the New York staff has been let go…however, official announcements or confirmation have not yet come. Virgin Comics launched in 2006, funded by billionaire mogul Richard Branson, […]