Book deals galore!

You know, it isn’t just the movie people who are snapping up the comics! Cartoonists are still getting book deals at traditional publishers left and right. This week’s PW Comics Week had a few items of note. Dash Shaw, the new lit comics It Kid, has signed up for his next book at Pantheon, a […]

A few tidbits

§ Jeff Smith on PBS News Hour. § Jeff Trexler looks at the filing in the WATCHMEN lawsuit. Analyze away! § Silver Age Bullpenner Scott Edelman presents an original Stan’s Soapbox manuscript: One of my duties as an Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics in the mid-’70s was to write all of the text for each […]

Going away

Kreegah! On vacation. Less posting then ever. I have a few longish essays I’ve been working on that I may get to post…or maybe not. Have fun.