DCU more important than ever to the studio

Given THE DARK KNIGHT’s history-making box office performance, it’s unthinkable for DC’s superheroes to remain the wallflowers of the Warner universe. Not one but TWO stories in Variety on Friday pointed this out. The first puts DC’s superheroes into the wider picture of Warner’s release schedule: It’s a tentpole whose supersized budget for top talent, […]

Rugg/Maruca fashion

Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca have contributed a “A Graphic Novel of the Season’s New Looks” for New York magazine. Personally, we’re a little dubious about this fall’s square necklines, but excited about the idea of voluminous sweaters….BUT NOT for men!

Batman this, Batman that

As expected, THE DARK KNGHT finally fell to number 2 at the box office, although it took a superteam of Nacho Libre, Iron Man and Zoolander to stop him, with a cameo by Ethan Hunt. Nonetheless, DARK KNIGHT is now officially the second biggest grossing domestic film of all time, and expect a new cottage […]

PUNISHER II still violent, Lexi-helmed

Rumors about PUNISHER: WAR ZONE have been all over the net, centering on a couple of key themes: that it will be cut down to a PG-13 to grab the DARK KNIGHT audience; and that director Lexi Alexander has been removed from the film. First Showing has some debunking based on the DP’s postings on […]

Brum comic teaches smuggling

Did you know comics can be used as an educational tool? It’s true! Look at this moderately headlined story from the UK, for instance: Midlands supercriminal’s comic book guide to drug smuggling. It features crime tips, including the best way to transport cannabis from the sea to dry land and safest way to communicate plans. […]

Novel about older Tintin creates controversy

A Spanish illustrated novel called “The Pink Lotus” by Antonio Altarriba, depicting the older years of Tintin as a dissolute, womanizing journalist, has been strongly tut-tutted by Hergé’s estate. The book, published by Edicions de Ponent, has been withdrawn after the estate claimed it “perverted the essence of the personality” of the character. In the […]

Facebook…WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!

I woke up the other day to read this on my Facebook home page: [Redacted] is now single. Comment Well, should I comment in public on my friend [Redacted’s] breakup? “He was cheating on you anyway.” “She was so fat, it was about time!” “I told you you needed to get your teeth whitened.” “Look, […]