Bryan Talbot’s GRANDVILLE

Following his surprise hit, genre-busting ALICE IN SUNDERLAND, Bryan Talbot is getting back to basics with his work in progress GRANDVILLE, which he calls “an anthropomorphic steampunk detective-thriller. This is the protagonist, Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard.” We say…whoa! Comics still wonderful in spite of it all! Bryan also writes to tell us that his […]


Following up on just the previous item, one of the most gratifying parts of the graphic novel revolution is the fact that it’s been around long enough for rediscoveries of masters and notables — whether after death, as with Fletcher Hanks, or, even better, while people are still young enough to enjoy it. Think Johnny […]

Eddie Campbell is talking about

Eddie Campbell is back blogging and first he takes on superhero movie tropes: Watching the Iron Man movie on the plane coming home, I was charmed into recalling how I marvelled at the character when i was wee, in the marvellous scene where he’s flying between the two jet planes. But then it descends into […]

8/13: People are talking about…

§ Matt Brady asks Paul Levitz about The Watchmen Effect: NRAMA: I spoke with John Cunninghman [DC VP of Marketing] at the DC booth and he said that, for the first time he could remember, people were coming into the booth and asking if they could buy Watchmen trades there…it seems that the buzz, at […]

More on creators vs enablers

Geoff Boucher links to this story by Rachel Abramowitz on the fight for the heirs of Tolkien to get a share of the movie revenue: SO “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” made no money. Let me amend that. The film trilogy, which grossed $2.96 billion worldwide at the box office and $3 billion or so […]

Catching up on sleep

In case you haven’t been noticing, The Beat has been on summer hours this week. Next week, for at least part of the week, we’ll be on actual vacation, and posting will be even lighter than usual. But you know…it’s August. Big thanks to Steven Stahl who continues to act as volunteer copyeditor here at […]