Comics still wonderful in spite of it all

Brendan McCarthy does a Doctor Strange comic: I’ve been commissioned by Marvel Comics to write and draw a new Dr Strange and Spider-Man three issue mini series. I’m just getting into it and I expect it to be finished early next year. It’s quite a thrill to finally get to draw the Doctor, my favourite […]

Freak-out of the day: Anime eyes

As we’ve noted here many times, the anime/manga movement is best seen as having its greatest cultural impact as a fashion/lifestyle trend (a la punk and goth), not as a literary movement, per se. And certainly the fashion gets wilder and wilder all the time. For instance, these over-sized contacts which give your eyes a […]

Wright Awards controversy

You may have noticed Hervé St-Louis kicking up a fuss in our comments section regarding the Doug Wright Awards — the bone of contention is the fact that the Awards only honor work in ENGLISH. Canada, as you may recall, is a bilingual country. St-Louis lets it all hang out in a column here: While […]

Seven-year-old child reviews comics

This could be a short-lived gimmick, or it could be the Dionne quintuplets for our day. In The Kid’s Comic Book Reviews a man lets his seven-year-old son read comics and then transcribes his thoughts. Robin is a cool superhero because he gets to hang out with Batman and beat up bad guys but he […]

People are talking about…

§ Tim O’Shea offers a rare interview with Dirk Deppey on the loneliness of the long-distance blogger: Dirk Deppey: Journalista’s a big part of it, yes — I mean, it requires anywhere from six to twelve hours a day, depending on what’s out there, so it takes up the overwhelming majority of my time. The […]

Men, doing things

Jake Gyllenhaal in PRINCE OF PERSIA. Hugh Jackman in something or other — it’s not WOLVERINE but we don’t really care WHAT it is. R. Stevens catches up with GW and Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.