RIP Jack Kamen

Word was going ’round yesterday of the death of EC great Jack Kamen, and Mark Evanier comfirms it. Kamen was 88. A native of Brooklyn, Kamen was born May 29, 1920 and at one point in his life was heading for a career in illustration and sculpture. In 1941, he began getting work as an […]

Perelman settles with Marvel

A long-running suit against former Marvel owner and billionaire financier Ron Perelman has ended with an $80 million settlement. It all goes back to when Perelman owned Marvel and wrote many notes which he diverted to other businesses before Marvel’s 1996 bankruptcy. Billionaire financier Ronald Perelman agreed to pay $80 million to settle a lawsuit […]

America tops BookScan for once

The unthinkable has happened, and an American-produced graphic novel has topped the BookScan chart, ICv2 reports. In fact, in a breathtaking comeback for the home team, no less than 10 — that’s TEN — of the top 20 graphic novels on BookScan for July were Occidental comics, and an additional volume — IN ODD WE […]

PAX comes to the East Coast

ICV2 reports that PAX, the video game confab put on by the Penny Arcade folks, is coming to the East Coast in conjunction with the Reed Expo people: The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) will be adding an East Coast show to its schedule in 2010. The event will be organized by Reed Exhibitions, the convention […]

Disney aims for boys with Disney XD

Corporate behemoth Disney has got the girls glued to their seats with fare like High School Musical and Hannah Montana, but tweener boys prefer Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, it seems. Thus Disney is rebranding its Toon Disney channel as Disney XD, with such Wheaties-fueled fare as reruns of Batman: The Animated Series. The LA Times […]

Pauline Baynes — 1922-2008

Pauline Baynes, whose illustrations gave life to Narnia, as well as appearing in books by J.R.R. Tolkien, Mary Norton, Richard Adams and countless others, passed away on Monday. Brian Sibley has a lovely remembrance. BTW, it wasn’t until reading this piece that I learned that Baynes had created an actual Tolkien-approved design for THE LORD […]


What will the upcoming GREEN HORNET film starring Seth Rogen and written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg be like? Well, based on the duo’s previous SUPERBAD and the new PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, which we saw at a screening the other night, it will be very funny, loosely structured, have gaping plot holes as setups for scenes […]

Stuff people said: Part XIV

§ Believe it or not, the Tucson Weekly has a column called “¡Ask a Mexican!” Arriba! Andale! Anyway, someone asks him whether MEMIN PINGUIN and Tijuana bibles are all Mexican comics have to offer: Memín Pinguín is a comic-book series about a noble negrito who unfortunately looks like a gorilla; Tijuana bibles–cheap, pre-television-era porno comics […]

“Man Who Poisoned CRACKED Kills Self”

The anthrax matter — and the timely suicide of its purported mastermind — is crazy enough to keep conspiracy theorists going for the rest of Chris Carter’s natural life. However, could there have been an even MORE sinister scheme behind the goings on at Fort Detrick? Over at the TCJ message board, Mort Todd points […]