FOUND: New York Comic Con c. 1974

Artist Sean Chen wrote to us with a real comic book history mystery. It seems that Sean’s neighbor is a man named Eugene Gordon, a former Time magazine photographer. While cleaning up, Gordon found a contact sheet of photos from a comic book convention held at the Biltmore Hotel in 1974. As you can see […]

Garen’s A-Z of comic strip characters

Garen Ewing (The Rainbow Orchid) sends us his Facebook Group Garen’s A-Z of comic strip characters and it’s seriously adorable. … members of the group would use the discussion board to suggest comic strip characters beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. The character that received the most ‘votes’ would then be drawn by […]

Silly Daddy Comics reaches 365

Joe Chiappetta sent us a note about his Silly Daddy Comics website, which now has quite a few strips up: There are now 365 full color Silly Daddy comics on That’s enough all-ages profound or preposterous family comics to read a Silly Daddy webcomic every day for a whole year. Joe Chiappetta moved his […]

Poll: Next Batman villain

It’s just a wild, wild guess at this point, but there seem to be some rumors out there that there could possibly be another Batman movie with Christian Bale and Chris Nolan. Just possibly. Splash Page polls comics pros on just who should be the villain if this HIGHLY, HIGHLY speculative movie gets made: Brad […]

People in the media

§ The Wall Street Journal interviews DC publisher and president Paul Levitz on his origin, and Paul says you should stay in school — sometimes: Q: Do you think a degree is more important today than it was back in the 1970s? A: On the creative side, it’s never been necessary to get in (the […]

Marvel stock fallout

As reported yesterday, Marvel’s stock took a bit of a hit after a lower-than-expected earnings call. The stock price fell $4.07, or 11.5 percent, to $31.19, although it’s up 17 percent for the year. The LA Times looks at how Marvel Studios slow plans for 2009 affect the stock: Hollywood accounting being what it is, […]