A new curse?

With Morgan Freeman in the hospital, Zena Metal is wondering: Is The Dark Knight Cursed? BTW, we must all send all positive vibes to Morgan Freeman for a full recovery! Without him…society is doomed!

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales June 2008

by Paul O’Brien Crossover season continued in June, with SECRET INVASION and its tie-ins still leading Marvel’s output. But this time round, the event hasn’t completely taken over Marvel’s output. There’s also the heavily promoted ULTIMATE ORIGINS series, and two new ongoing titles: SKAAR, SON OF HULK and ETERNALS. As usual, Marvel had the dominant […]

Meanwhile, back at the future…

We’ve had our Tricorder, a.k.a. iPhone, for a couple of weeks now, and despite its hefty price tag and hefty data plan, we can’t imagine going back to a world where we don’t sleep with it beneath our pillow every night. There’s a growing sense that the iPhone will be the killer platform for downloading […]

Wowio updates

A big story we haven’t had time to cover is Wowio’s evolution under its new ownership (Platinum). So far, the reaction has been…well, less than they might have hoped for, with complaints about a cluttered interface, comics previously free not free any more, and many publishers pulling out due to the updated contract. This post […]

I can has bridges?

Computer culture division. The New York Times discovers web trolls. § Want to start trolling? here’s where to begin: These abbreviations are fun ways to add personal flavor to your email and online discussion postings. What’s really amazing is the depth of Internet vocabulary that has been built up over the years. Take a look […]