HYPE ALERT!!! Over the summer one of the projects taking valuable time away from The Beat was work on a second volume of THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY, Vol. 2, a spine-tingling, mind-warping anthology of work by offbeat horror master Thomas Ligotti. I am happy and proud to say that the book is coming out NEXT WEEK […]

Even more on Anne Cleveland

Shaenon Garrity takes a look at the history of her fellow Vassar alum Anne Cleveland: So who was Anne Cleveland? Hardly anyone remembers. In addition to drawing cartoons about Vassar life, she published It’s Better with Your Shoes Off, a lovely and very out-of-print collection of Gluyas Williams-esque cartoons about Americans living in Japan. A […]

Superheroes rule the summer

This story from Variety rounds up the summer’s box office leaders, and surprise, surprise, every studio has its superhero hit. Of course, Warners led the way with DARK KNIGHT, but the other studios followed suit: Paramount is a close No. 2 in summer market share thanks to “Iron Man…” …Universal is No. 3 in market […]

Death comes suddenly…unexpectedly…

This week’s DC purist thorn of pain comes from the new issue of TEEN TITANS, in which Wendy and Marvin, two characters birthed from the insufferable SUPERFRIENDS cartoon, return, only to be savagely slaughtered by Wonder Dog, who then feasts on their grisly remains. That is how to do it! I understand that SUPERFRIENDS is […]

Happy Friday!

Yes, we are still loafing. In a summer in which we spent ZERO hours lying in the sun, reading a book, going to the beach, or simply sitting in the park, we can be allowed some late posting, especially when we’ve been so excited by conventions, speeches, sexy VPs and so on.

LIQUID CITY anthology from Image

How many cartoonists from Singapore and Thailand can you name? After the new anthology LIQUID CITY comes out from Image, you’ll probably be able to name many more. Edited by Sonny (MY FAITH IN FRANKIE) Liewthe book will include many new faces alongside the familiar: Image PR is below, but you can follow along at […]

WOWIO woes continue

ComicList is reporting that Q2 payments are late, and our email inbox is filling up with reports from publishers who have not been paid. Oh well. UPDATE: We just received this from T Campbell and are running it as received: My name is T Campbell, and I’ve been doing comics, in partnership with various artists, […]